Nuclear Free California

One Down, One to Go

In June 2013, Friends of the Earth’s campaign succeeded: Southern California Edison permanently shut down the two San Onofre reactors, freeing millions of nearby residents from the ongoing threats of radiation leaks or a major nuclear accident. Now, only two commercial reactors still operate in California, both at Diablo Canyon, north of Santa Barbara, in San Luis Obispo.

Friends of the Earth has reassembled the team of campaigners who worked to shut down San Onofre to develop a multi-year plan to close Diablo Canyon, and make California the first state in the nation — and the world’s largest economy — to close its last reactors and go nuclear-free.

We did it at San Onofre. We can do it at Diablo Canyon.

Three Faults and You’re Out!

While faulty steam generators were San Onofre’s Achilles’ heel, earthquake danger is the key to closing Diablo Canyon. The plant is surrounded by three faults, each of which could produce an earthquake stronger than the plant was designed to withstand. The seismic risk is so severe that it would be impossible to build reactors on that site today.

Closing Diablo Canyon will clear the way for further investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy storage technologies across the state. We will cement California’s leadership in developing the clean-energy economy that will be required if we are to successfully combat climate change.
The Strategy

Friends of the Earth’s Diablo campaign strategy will parallel the one used to address safety concerns at San Onofre:

  1. Expose the risks: the public has a right to know about the Fukushima-scale disaster that could result from a major earthquake near the Diablo Canyon reactors.
  2. Demand Safety Upgrades: PG&E must invest in major seismic upgrades to improve the plant’s ability to withstand a major earthquake.  Likewise, they must not be exempted from the new requirement for cooling towers that will prevent the millions of fish kills caused by the current seawater cooled system.
  3. No consumer bailout: PG&E will try to pass the cost of upgrades onto consumers. Just as with San Onofre, we will work with the Public Utilities Commission to prevent that.

How You Can Help

  • Help spread the word: Ask your network to visit and invite others to participate in the campaign.
  • Make a financial contribution: A dedicated supporter has already given significant seed money to kick start the campaign, but a campaign to replace Diablo Canyon with renewable energy will require millions of dollars over several years.
  • Contact: Peter Stocker at (530) 278-5002 to discuss ways you can contribute, click to make a contribution now online, or mail your contribution directly to:

Nuclear Free California Campaign
Friends of the Earth
1100 15th Street NW, 11th Floor
Washington, DC 20005