Green Scissors

Since 1994, the Green Scissors Campaign has been working with Congress and the administration to end environmentally harmful and wasteful spending. Working to breach party lines, the Green Scissors Campaign has helped cut more the $26 billion in environmental wasteful programs from the federal budget. Our Green Scissors partner for 15 years has been the watchdog organization Taxpayers for Common Sense.

Green Scissors is the flagship program of Friends of the Earth’s Earth Budget campaign, which among other objectives, seeks to end environmentally harmful subsidies.

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Green Scissors Reports

Green Scissors 2011

Green Scissors 2011 builds on last year’s report by advancing cuts that could potentially save taxpayers $380 billion or more over five years. The report builds a strong case that the federal government can help protect our natural resources, reduce the growth of government spending, and make a significant dent in the national debt by eliminating harmful spending.

The Green Scissors report finds cuts in energy, agriculture, transportation and land and water and targets include massive giveaways of publicly owned  resources such as timber, oil and natural gas and minerals such as gold, poorly conceived road projects and a bevy of questionable Army Corps of Engineers water projects.

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Green Scissors 2010

Green Scissors 2010 identifies more than $200 billion in wasteful government subsidies that are damaging to the environment and harmful to consumers.  The report targets four major areas for budget cuts: energy, infrastructure, agriculture and biofuels, and public lands.  Each section provides an overview, a summary of the spending cuts and a chart of recommended subsidy cuts. Undoubtedly there are more cuts that could and should be made, but this report is a first step to restoring fiscal sanity while also protecting our environment.

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Greening the Budget 2005: 6 Ways to Save Taxpayer Dollars and Protect the Environment in the Commonwealth of Virginia

The six fiscally sound and environmentally friendly “green budget” policies set for in this report show how Virginia can save tax payer dollars while discouraging waste and pollution and protecting Virgina’s natural resources.

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Green Fees & Scissors in Texas: 13 Recommendations for Greening the State Budget

This report offers thirteen fiscally sound recommendations that could help Texan leaders ease the budget crisis and potentially free up more funds fo schools and more adequately fund important natural resource programs, while discouraging pollution and natural resource degradation.

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Green Scissors 2004 Report

The Green Scissors 2004 report focuses on particularly egregious policies and programs that should be addressed immediately.  It targets five issues specifically:

           – Delaware River Deepening Project
           – Market Access Program
           – Section 29 Tax Credit for Nonconventional Fuels
           – Small Business Tax Credit for Sport Utility Vehicles
           – Timber Road Subsidies

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2004 Green Watchdog Report

This report is the fourth in a series of annual reports that provided recommendations that would improve California’s environment and public health while restoring fiscal accountability.

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Greening the Budget:  11 Ideas for Protecting the Environment and Easing Maryland’s Fiscal Crisis(2004)

Eleven fiscally sound and environmentally friendly “green budget” policies evaluated in this report could help the State of Maryland ease its budget crisis while discouraging waste and pollution

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Green Scissors 2003 Report

Green Scissors 2003 outlines 68 recommendations that would do much to protect our natural resources, reduce unnecessary government spending by more than $58 billion, and help guide our nation towards a more sustainable economic and ecological future.

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