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In order to address the risks shown by disastrous climate change, the US, along with all other countries, must move decisively to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power with greenhouse gas free renewable energy, energy storage and energy efficiency technologies. The promise of a 100% renewable energy future is not a fantasy, but a necessity. Friends of the Earth is dedicated to assuring that the green energy transition can and will be made while assuring environmental and economic justice.

Friends of the Earth’s Clean Energy program is working to transform the Tennessee Valley Authority from a federal utility committed to generating electricity from climate and environment destroying coal, gas and nuclear power to one which leads the country in applying energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in the quest to assure its customers with low cost, safe, clean energy for economic development across the region. A particular focus of the program is to work with activists and community and business leaders in Memphis to develop ambitious efficiency and solar power programs to address poverty and the need for job creation in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Advocates Call on Biden to Stop Utility Disconnections Under TVA During Pandemic

We call on Biden to issue an Executive Order instructing the TVA to stop shutoffs, and to not abandon Tennesseeans and other Southeast residents during a public health crisis.

Friends of the Earth applauds MLGW board decision to leave TVA, urges Memphis City Council to follow suit

The board of Memphis Light, Gas and Water voted today, to end its relationship with TVA

Memphis to save $130M by leaving TVA, report says

Memphis Light Gas and Water released its final Integrated Resource Planning report on Monday. The report found that the city of Memphis could save $130 million per year if it decides to leave TVA.

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