Drop TVA Now • Memphis must leave the Tennessee Valley Authority

A cheaper and greener future for Memphis

It's time to leave TVA for cleaner and cheaper energy!

Drop TVA, Now!

Tell your city council member it is time to leave TVA for cheaper, cleaner power and lower utility bills. We just need a few pieces of information to connect you with your elected representatives. Click below to send that message.

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Memphis can get a better deal for cheaper, cleaner power by leaving the Tennessee Valley Authority. Our city must give TVA five years notice to end the current contract. The sooner we give notice, the sooner we can save money on our utility bills every month, breathe cleaner air, and fight poverty. Tell your city council member to drop TVA, now.

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Get The Facts

The city of Memphis is in a long-term contract with TVA for our electricity. Memphis can break free from TVA and get a better deal for cheaper, cleaner power elsewhere.

Memphis families, individuals, and small businesses are spending a million dollars a day more than necessary for TVA power. For the sake of our wallets, our public health, our environment, the climate, and for future generations of Memphians, we need to Drop TVA, Now!

Expert studies have shown that Memphis can save $350-$450 million per year on power by leaving TVA for cheaper, cleaner power. This radical savings would reduce the energy burden of those who already spend an outsized portion of their take-home pay on utility bills.

Economic hardship from the pandemic is eating away at Memphis, but one way to address it is through reducing the cost of energy. All Memphis Light, Gas, and Water customers; taxpayers; both the employed and unemployed; and small and large business owners need these savings.

About Us

Drop TVA Now! Is a coalition of Memphis citizens, activists, and non-profit organizations, as well as Friends of the Earth, organized around the shared recognition that Memphis has the power to deliver cheaper, cleaner, reliable energy to families, individuals, and small businesses across the city.

To accomplish this task, Memphis must end its relationship with the Tennessee Valley Authority in favor of cheaper, cleaner power – we must Drop TVA, Now!

Vision and bold decisions are required at this moment. We must not let any business-as-usual leanings by MLGW or elected officials keep us from this opportunity.

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