Past Last Call: G20 public finance institutions are still bankrolling fossil fuels

New report reveals that from 2018 to 2020, at least USD 10.9 billion per year was provided for financing oil, gas & coal projects by Japan.

Fool’s Paradise: How Biodiversity Offsets Don’t Stop Biodiversity Loss

Although increasingly recognizing their role in driving biodiversity loss, banks have yet to develop consistent, comprehensive policies and practices in ensuring that their direct and indirect financing does not cause or accelerate biodiversity loss. In an attempt to address biodiversity impacts, many banking institutions have embraced “no-net loss” or “net gain” commitments, which inherently rely on offset schemes. While biodiversity offsets may seem like a seductively simple solution to a complex problem, “Fool’s Paradise:…

GE Mosquitoes Issue Brief

California is poised to be the second state where genetically engineered (GE) mosquitoes are released, unless the public and California’s government officials demand otherwise. Earlier this year, half a billion GE mosquitoes were released in Florida.

How a Rockstar Lentil Burger Inspired More Plant-Forward School Food

This case study highlights San Luis Coastal Unified School District’s Thai Basil Lentil Burger, which has become one of the school’s most popular plant-forward entrees

CSO letter on ending international public finance for fossil fuels

Urgent action is needed to ensure 2021 marks the end of international public finance to fossil fuels. This would free up significant support for clean energy and a just and equitable transition worldwide.

12 Guilty Fogeys: Big Oil’s $86 billion offshore tax bonanza

A handful of Big Oil companies drilling overseas have benefited massively from carve-outs they won in the GOP’s 2017 tax bill

Four Days of Texas-Sized Disinformation

New analysis by FOE uses FB data to show that their approach misses the point & will still likely miss the vast majority of disinformation.  

Letter on EXIM consideration of financing petrochemical project in Malaysia

Friends of the Earth United States (FOE) writes to express deep concern for EXIM’s consideration of Pengerang Energy Complex (PEC) Petrochemical Project in Penerang, Johor, Malaysia.

Letter on EXIM’s consideration of financing Kazakhstan oil refinery

We write to express deep concern for EXIM’s consideration of an oil refinery in the Terektinsky District (near Uralsk) in West Kazakhstan.

Judith Pryor’s Climate Record

President Biden has nominated Judith Pryor for EXIM First Vice President, who serves as President of EXIM when the Presidency is vacant.