Caught Red-Handed: Bunge and the Directors of Deforestation

The Brazilian Cerrado, known as the “birthplace of waters,” is the savannah with the greatest biodiversity in the world. This vast region is home to many communities of peasants, indigenous peoples, and quilombolas (Afro-Brazilian rural communities). But the relentless expansion of the soy industry is causing widespread ecosystem destruction and increasingly violent land conflicts between companies and local communities.  Two new reports from Friends of…

2021 Annual Report

Friends of the Earth won important victories for people and the planet over the past year. These victories are the result of years of hard work by our campaigners— and none of them would have been possible without your support.

Comments to EXIM Bank on Pemex Support

Friends of the Earth writes in strong opposition to the proposed support for Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), the Mexican state-owned oil company.

In the Dark: How social media companies’ climate disinformation problem is hidden from the public

Ranking Big Tech on transparency: A new scorecard by Friends of the Earth, Avaaz, and Greenpeace USA shows that social media companies are largely leaving the public in the dark about their efforts to combat climate disinformation.

Port Infrastructure Development Program Fact Sheet

Fact sheet on how Port Infrastructure Development Program funds can help support ports.

Big Oil’s Wartime Bonus

President Biden and lawmakers should focus on protecting consumers, supporting our allies with clean renewables, and preventing the runaway profiteering of Big Oil and Wall Street.

Di no a los mosquitos transgénicos en tu comunidad

Fact sheet on genetically engineered mosquitoes in Spanish

Big Oil’s Shell Game: A Highly Subsidized House of Cards

While the Biden administration’s current failure to meaningfully act on leasing could have devastating climate impacts, it is not too late to change course. Interior still can conduct a full analysis of the leasing program.

Meet the Financiers and Corporate Backers of Astra Agro Lestari’s Land Grab in Sulawesi, Indonesia

On the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, one of the world’s largest palm oil companies has illegally grabbed t

Say NO to Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in Your Community!

The EPA has approved the use of nearly 2 million genetically engineered mosquitoes in California, which will pose a risk to our health and the environment. You can help stop this by telling decisionmakers in California that our communities aren't for genetically engineered mosquito experiments.