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Friends of the Earth is working to create stronger and more effective environmental policies by fostering representative and responsive democratic institutions across the United States. Friends of the Earth is expanding its role in the movement to reform our shared democracy. Working closely with local partners on the ground, we are building the grassroots leadership, capacity and broad-based political power necessary to drive meaningful long-term democracy reforms across the United States

Environmental progress, on arguably every issue Friends of the Earth works on - from curbing climate change to ensuring the safety of the food we eat and the water we drink - is hampered by threats to our democratic system. In particular, gerrymandering and voter suppression block necessary environmental change while forcing environmental battles onto defensive terrain. Addressing our broken political system is the task of this generation, key to ensuring social and environmental justice.

We believe that the environmental community is a critical partner in the movement advancing democracy reform from the bottom up. Since establishing a dedicated Democracy Program, Friends of the Earth demonstrated the critical role environmentalists play in pushing local and state victories over the finish line. To protect the environment, we need politicians that are accountable to the people, and not polluters. Working with local and national partners, we develop and implement innovative campaigns mobilizing environmental constituencies to drive practical solutions addressing our democratic deficits.

The Democracy Program Seeks to:

  • Build the role of the environmental community as a valuable ally in the democracy movement
  • Ensure that every voice is heard in our democracy
  • Ensure the fair representation in the electoral process
  • Defend and extend voting rights
  • Promote public financing of elections
  • Increase campaign finance transparency

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Trump to Appoint Extreme Ideologue to the Supreme Court

Trump is committed to placing an extreme ideologue on the Court, who could endanger environmental protections, overturn Roe v. Wade, and undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Trump Voter Suppression EO Silences Americans Seeking Environmental Change

By signing this order, Trump is using his office to silence voters and is ignoring Americans demanding action to address climate change, protect our drinking water, and ensure the food our children eat is safe.

GOP razes Senate rules to install Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch is a right-wing zealot whose placement on the Supreme Court threatens our planet, our civil rights, and the foundations of our democracy. The actions taken today by the Republicans will have a devastating impact on our environment for years to come.

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Sessions is a looming threat to people of color and the planet
Sessions is a looming threat to people of color and the planet

The nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as United States attorney general presents U.S. senators with one such decision.