Friends of the Earth is working to create stronger and more effective environmental policies by fostering representative and responsive democratic institutions across the United States. Friends of the Earth is expanding its role in the movement to reform our shared democracy. Working closely with local partners on the ground, we are building the grassroots leadership, capacity and broad-based political power necessary to drive meaningful long-term democracy reforms across the country.

Environmental progress — from curbing climate change to ensuring the safety of the food we eat and the water we drink — is hampered by threats to our democratic system. In particular, gerrymandering is an attack on our democratic process that affects all citizens, especially frontline communities fighting for environmental justice.  Politicians are rigging districts to benefit themselves and the corporations that fund their campaigns.

This voter suppression blocks necessary environmental change and forces environmental battles onto defensive terrain. Addressing our broken political system is the task of this generation — and it is key to ensuring social and environmental justice. To bring about necessary environmental change for ALL people, we must fight to end gerrymandering and voter suppression and ensure that every vote counts.

We believe that the environmental community is a critical partner in the movement to advance democracy reform from the bottom up. Since establishing a dedicated Democracy Program, Friends of the Earth has demonstrated the critical role that environmentalists play in pushing local and state victories over the finish line. To protect the environment, we need politicians who are accountable to the people — not polluters. Working with local and national partners, we develop and implement innovative campaigns mobilizing environmental constituencies to advocate for practical solutions addressing our democratic deficits.

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Gerrymandered maps unconstitutional, North Carolina judges rule

In a historic ruling handed down yesterday, a panel of three judges struck down legislative maps drawn by Republican lawmakers in North Carolina.

North Carolina senators propose citizen-led redistricting commission to end gerrymandering, restore election justice

The bill, North Carolina Citizens Redistricting Commission Act, will create a gold standard for reforming the current redistricting process and reining in a system that allows North Carolina lawmakers to hand-pick their voters.

Tuesday Press Conference: Lawmakers Propose Citizen-Led Redistricting Commission to End Gerrymandering in North Carolina

North Carolina state senators and redistricting reform advocates on Tuesday will introduce legislation aimed at transforming the state’s voting maps, placing citizens at the center of the redistricting process.

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What North Carolina’s Unfair Political Maps Have To Do With Hurricanes
What North Carolina’s Unfair Political Maps Have To Do With Hurricanes

In the wake of natural disasters, disaster funding is distributed based on the population. The census is also used in drawing redistricting maps for every state. In other words, as we told the Florence survivors we met on the ground, to fight for the census is to fight for every…

H.R. 1: Our environment and the new age civil rights movement
H.R. 1: Our environment and the new age civil rights movement

This bill will serve as an answer to such a need — one which helps get to the core of democracy and equity for communities of color and this nation. H.R. 1 is a revolutionary bill for the people and is just what we need in this crucial time of our democracy.…

Hurricane Florence: Unearthing man-made disasters
Hurricane Florence: Unearthing man-made disasters

North Carolina has battled against two toxic presences for years: coal ash and hog waste. Hurricane Florence magnifies the hazards presented by these two toxic problems.

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