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President Biden should urge passage of the For the People Act in his first State of the Union

As our country faces a pandemic, an economic depression, a reckoning with racial justice, and a climate crisis, President Biden has the opportunity to use his first address to Congress to chart a new path forward. Read More

What North Carolina’s Unfair Political Maps Have To Do With Hurricanes

In the wake of natural disasters, disaster funding is distributed based on the population. The census is also used in drawing redistricting maps for every state. In other words, as we told the Florence survivors we met on the ground, to fight for the census is to fight for every community’s political voice. Read More

H.R. 1: Our environment and the new age civil rights movement

This bill will serve as an answer to such a need — one which helps get to the core of democracy and equity for communities of color and this nation. H.R. 1 is a revolutionary bill for the people and is just what we need in this crucial time of our democracy. It is time to reclaim our civil rights in 2019 and beyond. Read More

Hurricane Florence: Unearthing man-made disasters

North Carolina has battled against two toxic presences for years: coal ash and hog waste. Hurricane Florence magnifies the hazards presented by these two toxic problems. Read More

Sessions is a looming threat to people of color and the planet

The nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as United States attorney general presents U.S. senators with one such decision. Read More