Reviewing the Climate & Agriculture provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is many things at once. The good and the bad all need to be considered together. Read More

Reasons You Shouldn’t Take a Cruise

Explore the top eight reasons you shouldn’t take a cruise. Pollution, crime, environmental effects, and viruses all included. Read More

Cruise Line Ratings

Every year, Friends of the Earth ranks the top cruise lines and their fleet of ships. Explore behind the scenes to see how they stack up. Read More

Donor Profiles: “What You Scatter Matters”

Tlaloc chose to include Friends of the Earth in his estate plans because of our shared focus on the environment and social justice. Read More

Donor Profiles: “Accidental Activist”

"FOE is the one organization that really understands the interconnectedness of issues affecting our world, and its work and priorities reflect that understanding." Read More

Donor Profiles: “A Legacy for a Healthy Planet”

Friends of the Earth has stayed true to its core values and long-term approach of attacking the root causes of critical environmental and societal issues. Read More

Donor Profiles: Rebecca Canright

“I’m only 24 but I feel so committed to Friends of the Earth and its important work in safeguarding the future of our planet!” she says. “It’s so important to leave the earth with more care, respect, and healing then we started with. Read More

Donor Profiles: Miriam Sexton

“What could be more important than preserving nature, our environment, wildlife, and our oceans and seas?” Read More

Donor Profiles: “Leaving a Legacy for the Planet”

“Friends of the Earth delivers more bang for every buck than practically any other environmental organization.” Read More

Donor Profiles: “Saving the Birds and the Bees”

"My passion and drive for protecting the natural world led me to include Friends of the Earth as one of the beneficiaries in my will." Read More

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