It’s time for Kroger to step up to help save the bees

Without pollinators, grocery stores would run short of a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, and delicious favorites like chocolate and coffee. Read More

Big Oil and Gas’s Cheap Public Lands and Water Leases Shell Game

President Biden is about to break his promise to end new lease sales in a big way, opening 80 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico to drilling Read More

Foods bees pollinate

Bees pollinate over 130 fruits and vegetables, and a variety of seeds, nuts, and plants. Find out more about the foods bees pollinate. Read More

Why are bees dying? Pollinators need your help before it’s too late

The latest honeybee numbers are dire. 44% of bee colonies in the US were lost last year, and summer losses were the highest ever recorded. Help protect pollinators. Read More

At the World’s Largest Corporations, Personnel is Policy: That’s Why Responsible Investors Must Replace Climate Deniers on Corporate Boards

The world’s largest asset managers call the climate emergency one of the largest material risks to long-term corporate stability. Read More

A Climate of disinformation: Haters gonna hate, but social media companies force us to listen

Americans should demand that Facebook take a few simple steps to show they are serious about combatting disinformation. Read More

The human cost of a perfect lawn

Every year, 80 million pounds of pesticides are used on U.S. lawns to maintain attractive, lush greenery. In many cities across the country, Latinx immigrant workers are the primary labor force responsible for lawn care. Read More

California’s Paper Trail Leads to Rainforest Destruction in Sumatra – and Governor Newsom Has the Power to Change That

Consumers have the right to know where the products they buy come from and to trace them back to the source of the raw materials to ensure that they are not linked to anything dodgy, such as deforestation and human rights violations. Read More

Reasons Why Bees Are Dying

Explore the main four reasons why bees are dying and how you can help save our vital pollinators. Read More

Meijer, Target and Dollar Tree release new policies to help save the bees from toxic pesticides

Some food retailers are paying attention and beginning to step up to address the routine and unnecessary use of toxic pesticides in their supply chains. Read More

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