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How New York Can Tackle Deforestation and Jumpstart A Historic Path To Climate Justice 

A powerful group of Indigenous leaders and climate justice organizers used the stage of New York’s Climate Week to build momentum for the New York Tropical Deforestation-Free Procurement Act.   Read More

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Climate Wildfire?

New technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is entering increasingly widespread use with essentially no safety checks at all. Read More

Multilateral banks’ investments in industrial livestock undermine their Paris climate commitments

As world leaders meet tomorrow in Paris to discuss the role of public finance in addressing “climate change and the global crisis”, delegates should press multilateral development banks (MDBs) to invest in line with the Paris Agreement Read More

60,000 activists tell JPMorgan Chase: Denounce, divest and defund Formosa Plastics’ toxic and racist petrochemical complex

Plastic pollution poses a major threat to the health of our oceans, waterways and communities. Unsurprisingly, the same fossil fuel companies driving our global climate crisis are also expanding harmful petrochemical production throughout the United States, turning their own toxic waste into products they can profit off of. These facilities… Read More

Indigenous Leader Faces Murder Attempt, Death Threats Amid Intensifying Land Grabbing and Deforestation in the Brazilian Cerrado

Agribusiness companies operating in the Brazilian Cerrado continue to drive violence, intimidation, and dispossession against Indigenous leaders, traditional communities and environmental human rights defenders Read More

Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Escalating Conflict by Astra Agro Lestari in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Rather than pursuing a peaceful resolution following these recent business suspensions, Astra Agro Lestari is fomenting further violence and intimidation. Read More

Managing to Fight Disinformation

Disinformation is a threat to the stability of democracy and undermines our ability to tackle nearly every problem we face — from addressing climate change to securing LGBTQ+ rights to ensuring public health. Read More

Bee Habitat Loss

Bee populations are in decline, in part because of habitat loss and destruction. Find out more about why it’s happening and the impacts. Read More

Will consumer goods companies ensure justice for communities that have been robbed of their lands and livelihoods?

If a destructive palm oil company is suspended by consumer goods giants for land grabbing and human right abuses, will we finally get our land back? Read More

Sowing the Seeds of a Tropical Village Economy in the Mountains of Sumatra

This piece is a set of reflections from Jeff Conant, International Forests Program Director, during a recent trip to Indonesia to meet with local village communities. Villager displaying petai bean pods in Air Pahlawan // Photo Courtesy of Jeff Conant The village of Air Pahlawan in Sumatra,… Read More