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Friends of the Earth launches legal complaint as U.S. EXIM approaches $1 billion mark for fossil fuel lending

Today, Friends of the Earth U.S. submitted an international complaint against the U.S. Export-Import Bank over its financing of overseas fossil fuel projects. Read More

Major bank and investor policies accelerating forest destruction, biodiversity loss, climate chaos and rights violations

A new report released on "Finance Day" at COP28 provides a comprehensive look into the role big finance plays in driving tropical deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change and human rights abuses. Read More

Environmental Groups Sue Nuclear Regulatory Commission for Denying Hearing on Delayed Diablo Canyon Inspections

Friends of the Earth and Mothers for Peace filed a lawsuit against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for rejecting the groups' request for a public hearing over outdated inspections at Diablo Canyon. Read More

Snapshot of disruption: pre-COP28 conversations marred by misinformation as big oil pumps millions of dollars into Meta ads

On the eve of COP28, the world is grappling with an environmental crisis compounded by an information crisis. Read More

Report: Disinformation Escalating During Extreme Weather Events in Latin America

WASHINGTON – Today, new research from Roots and Friends of the Earth, commissioned with Purpose, has revealed the proliferation of climate disinformation narratives surrounding extreme weather events in Latin America. The report highlights how these events, due to their high visibility, multifaceted nature, and emotional impact, serve… Read More

Friends of the Earth groups reject inadequate, inaccurate Astra Agro Lestari report on environmental and human rights violations in Indonesia

Friends of the Earth groups issued a detailed response denouncing a new report by Indonesia’s second largest palm oil company, Astra Agro Lestari (AAL), concerning environmental and human rights violations by the company’s subsidiaries. Read More

Alaska District Court Rules Willow Oil Project Can Proceed; Conservation Groups Plan To File Appeal

Environmental groups intend to challenge today’s federal court ruling that the Willow oil drilling project in Alaska’s Western Arctic can proceed. Read More

Friends of the Earth Condemns Court Reversal of Chlorpyrifos Ban

On Thursday, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed EPA’s 2021 decision to ban chlorpyrifos on food crops. Read More

Groups Oppose Use of Inflation Reduction Act Funding for Polluting Factory Farms

Today, nearly 200 groups sent a letter to Secretary Tom Vilsack urging the agency to reconsider its recent decision to include several “conservation practices” that support factory farms and the proliferation of factory farm gas to its list of Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry practices that will be prioritized under the Inflation Reduction Act. Read More

Friends of the Earth Celebrates Executive Action on Environmental Justice in North Carolina

Today, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper issued Executive Order No. 292, “Advancing Environmental Justice in North Carolina." Read More