Groups Push Home Depot to Pull Cancer-linked Roundup During Annual Shareholder Meeting

Home Depot  is under renewed pressure to stop selling cancer-linked, pollinator-toxic weedkiller glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup. Read More

Big Oil rewards Wall Street as price-gouging vote looms

Data shows that oil and gas companies are returning billions more in cash to themselves and their investors amid windfall profits from war. Read More

Amos Hochstein: Diplomat or Fossil Fuel lobbyist?

Friends of the Earth filed a Freedom of Information request targeting the entanglements of Amos Hochstein, Senior Advisor for Energy Security. Read More

Coalition Delivers nearly 80K+ Comments to Bureau of Land Management at Rally To “Truly Honor Chaco”

While a 10-mile buffer is an important step toward permanent protection for the Greater Chaco landscape, fighting the climate crisis demands even bolder action. Read More

Florida approves risky release of billions of genetically engineered mosquitoes in scientifically flawed experiment

Overlooking potential public health risks, FDAC approved the release of several billion more genetically engineered mosquitoes. Read More

Friends of the Earth Stands in Solidarity Against Roe Reversal

We call on Congress to end the filibuster and immediately pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade - to guarantee the right to an abortion no matter where you live in this country. Read More

Caught Red-Handed: Reports Expose Ongoing Soy Industry Ties to Land Grabbing, Illegal Deforestation in Brazil

Friends of the Earth U.S., The Network for Social Justice and Human Rights in Brazil show that Bunge continues to drive deforestation. Read More

ExxonMobil and Chevron announce Q1 windfall profits

If Congress bothered to tax windfall profits, these two companies would face a combined bill of $5.4 billion for just three months of war profiteering and price gouging. Read More

White House sued for lack of transparency around its leasing program

We demand to know why his administration's final fossil fuel leasing report failed to include climate impacts and bore little resemblance to the comprehensive review mandated by his own executive order. Read More

Friends of the Earth Statement on Twitter’s new climate disinformation policy

Twitter's new policy is a step in the right direction to address the spread of toxic climate disinformation. Read More