Bayer to Remove Cancer-linked Glyphosate From Roundup for U.S. Lawn and Garden Market by 2023

Bayer-Monsanto announced today that the company will no longer sell glyphosate-based herbicides to U.S. consumers as of 2023 Read More

Unlikely bedfellows uncover nearly $300 billion in common ground

Green Scissors coalition released a letter today urging Congress cut $300 billion in wasteful & environmentally harmful government spending. Read More

Major Cruise Lines Again Receive Fs On Human, Environmental Health

Friends of the Earth released its 2021 Cruise Ship Report Card today, an annual assessment ranking the environmental & human health impacts of cruise lines. Read More

Conservationists and Farmers Sue Over Trump Administration Removal of Most Genetically Engineered Organism Regulation

Today, Friends of the Earth and allied plaintiffs filed a new federal lawsuit challenging a USDA decision to end most GE organism oversight. Read More

Report: $50 Billion Nuclear Bailout Would Undermine Biden Climate and Infrastructure Goals

New analysis shows that subsidizing nuclear energy would prevent a shift to a modern energy system and waste benefits of renewable energy. Read More

We read the 495-page Energy Infrastructure Bill: it’s a kick in the gut to climate justice

An analysis of the Energy Infrastructure Act of 2021 reveals that the bill amounts to twice the spending on dirty energy than on clean. Read More

New Research Reveals that the Big Oil Lobby is Using New Mexico Tax Dollars to Undermine Climate Action

New research reveals New Mexico local governments spent tax dollars on Big Oil lobbying firms to derail Biden's action on climate. Read More

Friends of the Earth Condemns North Carolina’s Farm Act

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D), today signed Senate Bill 605, the Farm Act of 2021, after the bill was rushed through the legislature. Read More

Exxon’s tax and subsidy grift

A video published by Greenpeace’s investigative arm, Unearthed, featured ExxonMobil lobbyists speaking about weakening action on climate. Read More

White House memo signals climate retreat

A memo from the White House makes no mention of repealing fossil fuel subsidies and also includes a rebranded Clean Energy Standard. Read More