Lawsuit Challenges Inadequate Federal Review of Endangered Species in Gulf of Mexico

Four conservation groups filed a lawsuit today challenging the federal government’s failure to comply with the Endangered Species Act in its assessment of the harm the offshore oil industry inflicts on endangered and threatened marine wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.

Public Comment on Darling 58 American Chestnut Closes

The release of genetically engineered chestnut trees could have irreversible and unpredictable impacts on vulnerable forest ecosystems.

222 organizations reject “Growing Climate Solutions Act”

222 farmer, farmworker, environmental justice, climate, environmental, faith-based, animal welfare, and other groups today wrote to Members of Congress to urge them to oppose to the Growing Climate Solutions Act (S. 3894/H.R. 7393).

P&G investors challenge CEO over forest destruction concerns at company’s annual meeting

Procter & Gamble’s shareholders that defied the company’s own recommendations, two-thirds of Procter & Gamble (P&G) shareholders voted “yes” at the company’s annual meeting on Tuesday, October 13, to pass a proposal on forest sourcing and impacts.

New Scorecard Ranks Top Food Retailers on Bee-friendly Policies

Major U.S. food retailer, Giant Eagle, released a groundbreaking new policy making the company the only top retailer to make a clear commitment to reduce toxic pesticide use, according to a new Bee-Friendly Retailer Scorecard released today by Friends of the Earth.

Gene-Silencing Pesticides Pose New Risks to Health, Environment and Farmers

This opens the door for any exposed organism to potentially be genetically modified directly in the field, without any prior risk assessment.

Trump administration set to steamroll CDC on cruise ships, prioritizing foreign corporations over public health

If the Trump administration were truly concerned about public health and stopping the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be taking the recommendations of health authorities rather than championing the interests of foreign corporations.

Trump’s Corporate Bailout Spurs $100B Fossil Fuel Borrowing Binge

Oil and gas companies have issued nearly $100 billion in new bonds since the Trump administration’s COVID-19 corporate bailout began in March, a new report released today by Friends of the Earth, Public Citizen, and BailoutWatch found.

Senators Advance Controversial Aquaculture Bill, Threatening Coastal Economies and Ecosystems

The last thing we should be doing is allowing corporations to dump even more toxins into our oceans by rubber-stamping these dangerous developments

Friends of the Earth condemns passage of Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act

This extraordinarily expensive pipe dream is just false rhetoric propagated by the fossil fuel industry in an attempt to save itself.