Groups Celebrate California’s Historic Investments in Plant-based School Food

California adopted a $600 billion budget with historic investments in the state’s school meal program to expand healthy, plant-based meal options. Read More

Biden Administration Holds First Public Lands Lease Sales

This action is in direct contradiction to Biden’s campaign promise to stop new oil and gas leasing on public lands. Read More

Friends of the Earth statement on West Virginia v EPA

The Supreme Court issued a decision today in West Virginia v EPA that drastically curtails EPA’s ability to respond to the climate crisis by reducing carbon pollution from power plants. Read More

Groups sue Biden administration over Wyoming oil and gas lease sale

The Wilderness Society and FOE filed a suit over the Biden administration’s decision to offer 123 parcels of federal land for drilling. Read More

Friends of the Earth Condemns Roe Reversal from U.S. Supreme Court

Congress must end the filibuster and immediately pass legislation that guarantees the right to an abortion for all who live in this country. Read More

Kroger lags behind competitors in protecting bees from toxic pesticides amid “insect apocalypse” that threatens food supply

Friends of the Earth and allies launched a pivotal week of action, installing a billboard that urges Kroger to shift away from toxic pesticides. Read More

Lawsuit Against State Department Prompts Expedited Treatment of Polluter FOIA Request

The U.S. Department of State has reversed its denial of expedited processing for a FOIA request targeting potential polluter influence. Read More

Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting and Responding to Climate Disinformation at COP26 and Beyond

A report released today documents the nature of climate disinformation around last year’s international climate conference in Glasgow. Read More

Connecticut Bans Brain-Damaging Chlorpyrifos

This bill will keep chlorpyrifos out of places that directly affect our communities, and provide safeguards for bees and other pollinators. Read More

State Department sued over Amos Hochstein FOIA request

A FOIA request has been filed to shine light on potential bias that Amos Hochstein, a former LNG executive, might be bringing to his role. Read More