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TransCanada Loses Again in Latest Attempt to Begin Keystone XL Pipeline Construction

The Ninth Circuit made the right call in upholding the prohibition against construction activity by TransCanada. We do not need a foreign corporation disrupting Montana communities for a dangerous project whose permit has been deemed unlawful by federal courts.

Carnival Corporation makes bombshell claim to only use cleaner fuel on cruise ships in Arctic 

Switching to a cleaner fuel while still carrying heavy fuel oil onboard doesn’t address the concerns about the long-term impact of a spill of this thick, tar-like oil in this fragile region.

Environmentalists Call on AFL-CIO to Support Green New Deal

With the energy committee’s position, the AFL joins climate deniers like the Koch brothers, the Republican Party and Big Oil. We encourage the AFL and other unions within it to rethink this position.

Electrifying Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal

Friends of the Earth released an analysis by Eastern Research Group (ERG) today on electrical shore power at the Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal. The analysis shows that if container ships at the port used grid-based electrical shore power instead of marine diesel fuel, it would substantially reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

FDA Lifts Import Ban on Genetically Engineered Salmon

The FDA's decision to allow GMO salmon onto the U. S. market runs counter to sound science and market demand. More than 80 retailers have said they won't sell this risky, unlabeled GMO fish and polls show consumers don't want it.

Budget Slashes Environmental Protections

The American people should not have to pay the price for Trump’s 2017 giant tax giveaway to billionaires and Big Oil.

NRC will ignore impact of climate change in license extension hearing for Turkey Point

The outdated reactors at Turkey Point are at the epicenter of the climate crisis. Rising seas and major hurricanes will wreak havoc on Turkey Point and endanger millions of lives in south Florida. 

For the People: In a Victory for Democracy, U.S. House Passes HR 1

This visionary bill can change the course of discussion of equal representation. Establishing independent redistricting commissions, mandating the disclosure of all campaign donors and making it harder to purge voter rolls — this is what democracy needs to strive for.

GOP stacks climate committee with fossil-funded deniers

The GOP is doubling down on climate denial while momentum builds for a Green New Deal. This group of fossil-funded partisans is out of step with the demands of the American people and has no interest in actual climate solutions.

Schumer-Carper resolution fails the laugh test

This resolution sets a low bar at a time when the fundamental transformation of our economy that delivers on the promise of a Green New Deal is the only real climate solution worth discussing.