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House Republican Farm Bill a Massive Handout to Big Ag, Theft of State and Local Authority

After months of delay, House Republicans released the full text for their Farm Bill proposal. The bill slashes nutrition programs and climate-focused conservation funding in order to boost chemical-intensive commodity crop production. Read More

Conservation Groups Defend the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Decision on the Proposed Pebble Mine

Friends of the Earth is proud to fight alongside our environmental, fishing, and Indigenous allies at every stage to ensure that Pebble Mine remains a distant memory Read More

Historic NY ‘TREES’ Act Passes Both Houses of NY Legislature, Heads to Governor’s Desk

The NY TREES Act would make New York the first U.S. state to prevent its public procurement from driving tropical deforestation, defending the planet from further climate catastrophe. Read More

Friends of the Earth Responds to Lack of Climate Accountability in Senator Chuck Schumer’s AI “Roadmap”

Senator Schumer is slow-walking regulations, giving Silicon Valley a free pass to put profits over people and the planet. Read More

Friends of the Earth Welcomes Promising New World Bank Blueprint for Addressing Health and Environmental Impacts of Big Meat and Dairy, Issues Urgent Call for Action

Today, the World Bank released a new comprehensive blueprint for addressing the giant climate footprint of our industrial food system. Read More

FTC’s Price Gouging Allegations Against War Profiteer a Wake-up Call to End Merger Mania

Explosive new findings from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reveal that ex-Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield colluded with the OPEC+ price-fixing cartel. Read More

Friends of the Earth Celebrates Expansions for Berryessa Snow Mountain and San Gabriel Mountains National Monuments

We urge the BLM and USFS to effectively implement this expansion for the sake of our protecting our public lands and natural resources. Read More

Friends of the Earth Statement on House Republican and Senate Democrat Farm Bill Proposals

After months of delay, House Republicans and Senate Democrats unveiled dueling Farm Bill priorities today. Read More

Friends of the Earth Celebrates Final Federal Rule Revamping NEPA, Environmental Protections

We commend CEQ for taking long-overdue actions to strengthen and restore NEPA, our nation’s most crucial environmental protection law. Read More

Environmental groups consider seeking rehearing in Diablo Canyon litigation

Today's decision ignores the significant environmental and public health risks associated with extending Diablo Canyon’s tenure beyond the expiration of its operating licenses. Read More