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Friends of the Earth Pushes for Climate Action Following BLM’s Final Oil and Gas Leasing Rule

While we support BLM’s steps to curb financial giveaways to Big Oil, this rule fails to confront the massive tide of climate emissions stemming from its leasing program. Read More

U.S. blocks clean energy transition with outsized fossil fuel support

The United States and a handful of other bad actors are blocking a just transition to renewable energy with continued and outsized financial support for fossil fuels. Read More

New Study: Financing for Industrial Livestock Undermines U.S. Banks’ Climate Commitments

Between 2016 and 2023, 58 U.S. banks provided $134 billion in lending and underwriting to meat, dairy, animal feed, food processing, and agri-commodity corporations. Read More

Friends of the Earth sues DOE over Billion Dollar Award to Diablo Canyon

The Department of Energy should have known better than to shirk environmental review before handing out a billion taxpayer dollars to a dangerously outdated nuclear power plant. Read More

Court Rules 2022 Wyoming Oil and Gas Lease Sale Was Illegal

This ruling underscores that federal agencies simply cannot ignore climate, wildlife, and water impacts when analyzing the myriad risks of oil and gas leasing, whether in Wyoming or across the country. Read More

High Levels of Genetically Engineered Toxins and Glyphosate in GMO Corn Pose Serious Health Risks in Mexico

Friends of the Earth U.S. submitted a brief describing significant new science on health risks of genetically engineered corn, which the U.S. failed to consider as part of its trade dispute with Mexico. Read More

Los altos niveles de toxinas transgénicas y glifosato en el maíz transgénico plantean graves riesgos para la salud en México

Amigos de la Tierra EE.UU. (FOE, por sus siglas en inglés) presentó un escrito describiendo nuevos datos científicos significativos sobre los riesgos para la salud del maíz transgénico que EE.UU. Read More

Hydrogen Hustle: Report Exposes Dirty Energy Wish-List to Co-opt Hydrogen Funding

WASHINGTON – Today, Friends of the Earth released a report that details how dirty energy industries are seeking to manipulate the 45V hydrogen production tax credit for their own financial gain. Hydrogen Hustle provides a roadmap of key polluter demands to undermine hydrogen emissions requirements. Read More

Court orders Fish and Wildlife Service to fix regulation allowing oil companies to harm polar bears

Fish and Wildlife Service is rightly being sent back to the drawing board to recalculate important factors that could make-or-break the struggling polar bear population on Alaska's North Slope. Read More

New ad buy calls on Democrats to oppose Manchin FERC pick

Friends of the Earth launched a new digital ad campaign calling on Senators to oppose FERC nominee David Rosner ahead of a pivotal Energy & Natural Resources Committee hearing this Thursday. Read More