EPA commits to regulating lead in aviation gasoline

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it will take the necessary steps to regulate lead pollution from aircrafts, the largest source of lead emissions in the country. Read More

Princess Cruise Line Pleads Guilty to Second Probation Violation

This week Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. pleaded guilty to a charge that the company violated its probation a second time. Read More

Indonesia’s Cancellation of Thousands of Plantation and Mining Permits Should Be Followed by Restitution of Land to Local Communities

The Indonesian government's decision is a positive step in taking responsibility for reigning in corporate abuses. Read More

Greater Chaco Coalition Demands More Than Piece-Meal Protection in Response to 10-Mile Buffer

The climate crisis illustrates that drawing new lines on a map doesn't address the problem – protecting our communities, our clean water and clean air cannot be done in one place, but must include all places. Read More

U.S. allows financing for new oil project at IDB Group Board, contradicting climate policies

The U.S. government’s ineffective guidance on fossil fuel financing at MDBs reflects its unwillingness to rigorously act on climate Read More

New research shows Google has broken its promise to stop running ads on climate denial content

New research by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) shows that Google Ads are still running on 50 new climate denial articles. Read More

230+ Organizations Urge Senate Majority Leader Schumer to Reject Support for CAFOs in the Build Back Better Act

CAFOs are a driving factor of an unjust food system that pollutes the environment, threatens human health, and perpetuates systemic racism and inequity. Read More

Executive Order Could Tackle Climate Emissions from Federal Food Purchasing

If implemented effectively across all sectors, this Executive Order will be the most meaningful policy we’ve seen from the Biden Administration thus far to address the food system’s massive climate impact Read More

Biden Admin rolls out weak government-wide standard on overseas fossil fuel finance

Today, President Biden put forward a government-wide performance standard to apply to U.S. financing of overseas energy projects. Read More

Law Requires Biden to Cancel February Oil Lease Sale to Prevent Climate Harm

Conservation groups submitted formal comments today urging cancelation of February’s federal oil and gas lease auctions. Read More