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Worldwide, deforestation and conversion of land accounts for nearly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The destruction and degradation of tropical rainforests driven by industrial agriculture is linked to human rights abuses, displacement of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and destruction of critical species habitat. Intact forests are foundational to the cultures, livelihoods and spiritual well-being of hundreds of millions of people; they regulate the climate locally and globally; and they are the planet’s immune system, as rich biodiversity and dynamic, living ecosystems guard against the release of pandemic diseases.

Consequently, deforestation is at the center of some of the planet’s most urgent, overlapping crises: Increasingly intense natural disasters, unprecedented species loss, and an epidemic of violence against land and environmental defenders. There is no way to address the climate crisis without protecting the world’s last standing forests. Friends of the Earth’s International Forests program works to address the root causes of forest destruction and the marginalization of forest-dwelling communities. Our campaign on land grabs, forests & finance pressures the world’s largest financial institutions to “defund deforestation;” advances legislative and regulatory solutions; and seeks to amplify the voices and struggles of frontline environmental human rights defenders.

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Fighting for Corporate Responsibility
Fighting for Corporate Responsibility

After years of pressure from environmental activists, Proctor & Gamble shareholders took a vital step towards protecting our forests.

A Victory for Forests: Cargill Cuts Ties with Palm Oil Producer
A Victory for Forests: Cargill Cuts Ties with Palm Oil Producer

Friends of the Earth and our allies have pushed businesses and corporations to cut ties with abusive and destructive palm oil companies.

Nestlé Cuts Ties With Conflict Palm Oil
Nestlé Cuts Ties With Conflict Palm Oil

More than 40,000 Friends of the Earth members signed our petition urging Nestlé to cut ties with REPSA. And Nestlé responded.

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Consumer Goods Giants Line Up to Suspend Destructive Palm Oil Company for Land Grabbing, Human Rights Abuses

Consumer companies must stay engaged and use their leverage to require Astra Agro Lestari (AAL) to pay for losses and damages caused to communities during nearly 25 years of operations in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Friends of the Earth Responds to Nestle’s Decision to Suspend Business Ties with AAL, Indonesia’s second largest palm oil company

Nestlé’s suspension of AAL from its supply chain is an important first step toward ensuring accountability for ongoing human rights violations.

50+ groups urge consumer brands to cut ties with destructive Indonesian palm oil company

Powerful brands are willfully ignoring evidence of human rights and environmental violations while proclaiming themselves champions of ‘sustainability.’

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Will consumer goods companies ensure justice for communities that have been robbed of their lands and livelihoods?
Will consumer goods companies ensure justice for communities that have been robbed of their lands and livelihoods?

If a destructive palm oil company is suspended by consumer goods giants for land grabbing and human right abuses, will we finally get our land back?

Sowing the Seeds of a Tropical Village Economy in the Mountains of Sumatra

This piece is a set of reflections from Jeff Conant, International Forests Program Director, during a recent trip to Indonesia to meet with local village communities.

[caption id="attachment_1367" align="alignnone" width="535"] Villager displaying petai bean pods in Air Pahlawan // Photo Courtesy of Jeff Conant[/caption]

The village of…

Bunge’s Silent Conquest and the Corporate Climate Con

The agribusiness giant Bunge is engaging in an egregious corporate climate con – and shareholders should take note.

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