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NY Deforestation Bill Fact Sheet

This year, New York’s legislature (S.4859/A.5682) to prevent the state from procuring goods that were grown or harvested on cleared or degraded tropical land was introduced.

NY Tropical Deforestation-Free Procurement Act fact sheet

The New York Deforestation-Free Procurement Act, S.5921/A.6872 (Krueger/Zebrowski), if passed into law, will ensure that state and local government procurement does not drive tropical or boreal deforestation or forest degradation or associated abuses of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in these forested regions.

NY Tropical Deforestation-Free Procurement Act fact sheet (Spanish)

Fact sheet on NY Deforestation-Free Procurement Act in Spanish

NY Tropical Deforestation-Free Procurement Act fact sheet (Portuguese)

Fact sheet on NY Deforestation-Free Procurement Act in Portuguese

Brief to Procter & Gamble Shareholders

Vote NO to the re-election of Jon Moeller, Angela Braly, and Patricia Woertz to Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) board of directors for leading the company’s inadequate response to a 2020 shareholder resolution calling for P&G to report on how it can eliminate deforestation, forest degradation, and human rights abuses from its supply chains.

Open Letter on Agra Astari Lestari

We the undersigned are writing to you regarding ongoing criminalization, human rights abuses, and land grabbing against local farmers, land and environmental human rights defenders, and communities by your palm oil supplier Astra Agro Lestari

Caught Red-Handed: Bunge and the Directors of Deforestation

The Brazilian Cerrado, known as the “birthplace of waters,” is the savannah with the greatest biodiversity in the world. This vast region is home to many communities of peasants, indigenous peoples, and quilombolas (Afro-Brazilian rural communities). But the relentless expansion of the soy industry is causing widespread ecosystem destruction and increasingly violent land conflicts between companies and local communities.  Two new reports from Friends of…

Meet the Financiers and Corporate Backers of Astra Agro Lestari’s Land Grab in Sulawesi, Indonesia

On the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, one of the world’s largest palm oil companies has illegally grabbed t

Cashing in on Crisis: How the World’s Largest Investors Fuel and Profit from Climate Change and Border Militarization

These industries are responsible for increasing greenhouse gas emissions, widespread environmental destruction, and gross human rights abuses.

Letter to IDB on Marfrig loan

The undersigned communities and civil society organizations urge you to not approve the proposed $43 million loan for Marfrig Global Foods