Trump is stripping protections for Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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Holding Scott Pruitt Accountable

We’re keeping Scott Pruitt’s name in headlines so none of his misdeeds go unnoticed. We took a creative…

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Tell Congress to Fire Scott Pruitt!

Faced with such a corrupt extremist in charge of the EPA, Congress has a responsibility to step up. We need Congress to step in and fire Pruitt before he can do any more damage to our environment!

Stop the Trump Administration from opening our oceans to Big Oil

Trump is planning to open our oceans to the fossil fuel industry, putting marine life and coastal communities at risk of catastrophic damage from an oil disaster.

Stop a hydro dam from wiping out the newly discovered species of orangutan

A Vanguard and BNY Mellon financed hydro dam threatens a newly discovered Tapanuli orangutan species.

Stop Trump & Pruitt from gutting our environmental protections

Scott Pruitt announced he would force the EPA to withdraw from the Clean Power Plan. This means fossil fuels could be allowed to pour even more pollution into our air.

Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s new NAFTA

Trump is trying to renegotiate NAFTA to be even worse for people & the environment and even better for giant corporations.

Tell Kroger: Step up and protect bees

By investing in and selling bee-friendly food, Kroger can help transform our food system. Tell them to stop selling food produced with bee-killing pesticides.