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Stopping Pebble Mine and Saving Alaska’s Wild Salmon

A years-long battle over a proposed mine in Alaska ended when a coalition that included Friends of the Earth successfully pushed the US Army Corps of Engineers to deny Pebble Mine a permit to operate in Bristol Bay, killing the project! Read More

Blocking Joe Manchin’s Dirty Deal

We are sure Manchin will continue to try and sneak this bill into legislation — but we’re not backing down from this fight. We will not rest until this bill gets a separate vote in Congress and dies for good. Read More

Holding Multinational Corporations Accountable

Getting six major multinationals to stand up and take action is no small thing, but there is still work to be done. Read More

Protecting Arctic Communities & Wildlife

This is yet another blow to efforts to drill in the protected wilderness that means so much to local communities and creatures. Read More

Fighting Climate Disinformation

It’s hard enough to make strides when it comes to climate action. Green-lighting blatant lies about the scale of the climate crisis cannot continue Read More

Protecting Miami Communities

For 40 years, Turkey Point has been contaminating the Biscayne aquifer — the source of most of the drinking water used in South Florida. Read More

Protecting the Amazon from rampant deforestation

Studies suggest that cattle ranching and animal feed production is currently responsible for 80% of deforestation across the Latin America and Caribbean region. Read More

Fighting for the Gulf in Court

Despite promising to be a climate leader, Biden approved 34% more oil and gas permits in his first year than Donald Trump did in his first year. Read More

Protecting our Food from Toxic Pesticides

For far too long, we’ve been exposed to a neurotoxic pesticide called chlorpyrifos, despite decades of science clearly linking this pesticide to brain damage in children. Read More

Saving a National Forest

More than 111,000 Friends of the Earth members demanded that the Forest Service permanently protect our National Forests from corporations Read More