Protecting the Arctic from drilling

When Donald Trump approved an offshore drilling project off the coast of Alaska in 2018, Friends of the Earth jumped into action. Represented by Earthjustice, we brought a lawsuit in federal court with four other environmental organizations to challenge the project’s approval. And, two years later, we won. Read More

Stopping Pebble Mine and Saving Alaska’s Wild Salmon

A years-long battle over a proposed mine in Alaska ended when a coalition that included Friends of the Earth successfully pushed the US Army Corps of Engineers to deny Pebble Mine a permit to operate in Bristol Bay, killing the project! Read More

Fighting for Corporate Responsibility

After years of pressure from environmental activists, Proctor & Gamble shareholders took a vital step towards protecting our forests. Read More

Canceling the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

This project ended because of the activists taking to the streets and making it clear that we will not stand by while fossil fuel projects poison the bodies, land, air and water of Indigenous, Black and Brown communities. Read More

Loosening Big Oil’s Stranglehold on Wall Street

Raymond exemplifies the fossil fuel industry’s decades of climate denial. His retreat under pressure from the climate movement in a historic win, showing that fossil oligarchs’ and climate deniers’ stranglehold on Wall Street is waning. Read More

Protecting People, Not Polluters

In the middle of a pandemic like coronavirus, people need a government that will step up to protect everyday Americans, especially those on the frontlines. Instead, Republicans tried to use coronavirus as an excuse to spend billions of taxpayers’ dollars to bail out the industries that are destroying our planet. Read More

Banning a Brain-Damaging Pesticide

While the federal government prioritizes donations over decades of science, it’s more important than ever for states like New York to step up to protect public health and environment. Read More

Breaking Up Monopoly Power in North Carolina

Thanks to our members in North Carolina, we successfully stopped Duke’s money from superseding public interest. Read More

Taking on Wall Street

We thank our members for speaking out and working to take on the most powerful industry on the planet. Your voices helped fund projects that will save our planet, not destroy it. Read More

Protecting New York’s Waterways

Stopping this unnecessary, unsafe pipeline is a huge step in our fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground, building momentum in fights against new pipelines across the country. Read More