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Conserving California’s Open Spaces

Creating national monuments means preserving clean air and water, protecting species, offering recreational opportunities for local communities, and upholding sacred sites. Read More

Pausing LNG Exports

We joined over 300 organizations from over 40 countries across the globe in a letter calling on the Biden administration to abandon its support for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) at COP28. Read More

Standing Up for Polar Bears

The agency’s regulation gave oil and gas companies in Alaska a pass to harass polar bears along the Beaufort Sea coast and on the North Slope. Read More

Preserving Wyoming’s Public Lands

Thanks to our lawsuit, we have set an important precedent for protecting local species and communities from the widespread harms that drilling can bring about. Read More

Protecting Our Food System

In addition to working to influence lawmakers, we’ve devoted years to shifting the food industry towards more bee-friendly practices. Read More

Protecting Communities From Air Pollution

EPA announced its final endangerment finding on leaded aviation gas, a crucial step toward protecting the health of so many who have been unjustly exposed to toxic air pollution. Read More

Protecting the Birds and the Bees

The Birds and Bees Protection Act proposed to eliminate 80-90% of the neonics entering New York’s environment yearly. Read More

Tackling the Spread of Disinformation

Every other industry — from food production to car manufacturers to airlines — has to report about the safety of its products. So why should tech companies be any different? Read More

Protecting Endangered Species

This win for the lesser-prairie chicken & the northern long-eared bat shows our commitment to protecting species and standing up to Big Oil. Read More

Preserving Our Public Lands

Preserving public lands and waters protects precious history and the livelihoods of so many, especially Indigenous communities. Read More