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Consumer Goods Giants Line Up to Suspend Destructive Palm Oil Company for Land Grabbing, Human Rights Abuses

Consumer companies must stay engaged and use their leverage to require Astra Agro Lestari (AAL) to pay for losses and damages caused to communities during nearly 25 years of operations in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Read More

Friends of the Earth Responds to Nestle’s Decision to Suspend Business Ties with AAL, Indonesia’s second largest palm oil company

Nestlé’s suspension of AAL from its supply chain is an important first step toward ensuring accountability for ongoing human rights violations. Read More

50+ groups urge consumer brands to cut ties with destructive Indonesian palm oil company

Powerful brands are willfully ignoring evidence of human rights and environmental violations while proclaiming themselves champions of ‘sustainability.’ Read More

P&G Board Members Face Shareholder Vote Over Forest Destruction in Supply Chain

A proposal to shareholders urges Procter & Gamble investors to vote against current members of the board of directors, due to the company’s failure to address unsustainable sourcing of wood pulp and palm oil from climate-critical forests in the Canadian boreal and southeast Asia. Read More

Caught Red-Handed: Reports Expose Ongoing Soy Industry Ties to Land Grabbing, Illegal Deforestation in Brazil

Friends of the Earth U.S., The Network for Social Justice and Human Rights in Brazil show that Bunge continues to drive deforestation. Read More

Report: Major Indonesian palm oil supplier linked to illegal deforestation, land rights violations

Indonesia’s second largest palm oil company, Astra Agro Lestari (AAL), is responsible for longstanding land rights abuses and environmental destruction in operations undertaken without proper legal permits. Read More

Legislative Champions, Advocates Reintroduce NY Deforestation-Free Procurement Act

Lawmakers renew the push for a bill that will ensure New York state government practices don't drive deforestation or forest degradation. Read More

IPCC wakeup call to investors: Stop profiting from climate crisis and human rights abuses

Friends of the Earth US and Transnational Institute released new research calling for urgent action to rein in the financiers driving the climate emergency and profiting from its most devastating impacts. Read More

IDB Invest Drops Controversial Loan to Brazilian Beef Giant Marfrig Global Foods

Public development finance should not be channeled to large-scale industrial livestock operations like Marfrig that fuel deforestation and the climate crisis. Read More

Assemblymember Kalra Re-Introduces Bill to Encourage Sustainable Government Purchasing

Tropical forests cover roughly seven percent of the Earth’s surface but harbor close to half of all species on Earth. Read More