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Indigenous Leader Faces Murder Attempt, Death Threats Amid Intensifying Land Grabbing and Deforestation in the Brazilian Cerrado

Agribusiness companies operating in the Brazilian Cerrado continue to drive violence, intimidation, and dispossession against Indigenous leaders, traditional communities and environmental human rights defenders Read More

Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Escalating Conflict by Astra Agro Lestari in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Rather than pursuing a peaceful resolution following these recent business suspensions, Astra Agro Lestari is fomenting further violence and intimidation. Read More

Will consumer goods companies ensure justice for communities that have been robbed of their lands and livelihoods?

If a destructive palm oil company is suspended by consumer goods giants for land grabbing and human right abuses, will we finally get our land back? Read More

Sowing the Seeds of a Tropical Village Economy in the Mountains of Sumatra

This piece is a set of reflections from Jeff Conant, International Forests Program Director, during a recent trip to Indonesia to meet with local village communities. Villager displaying petai bean pods in Air Pahlawan // Photo Courtesy of Jeff Conant The village of Air Pahlawan in Sumatra,… Read More

Bunge’s Silent Conquest and the Corporate Climate Con

The agribusiness giant Bunge is engaging in an egregious corporate climate con – and shareholders should take note. Read More

Procter & Gamble Sources Suffering from Indonesia’s Forests

A report released by Friends of the Earth US and WALHI finds that Astro Agro Lestari are caught up in land conflicts with local communities, and are responsible for environmental and human rights abuses. Read More

Fighting to Win: How an Indonesian Land Defender Stood up to Conflict Palm Oil

As industrial agribusiness razes the world’s last standing forests and accelerate the climate crisis, land defenders are fighting back. Read More

Financial Incentives To Slow Deforestation Are Helpful – But Public Policies To Stop It Are Essential

by Jeff Conant, senior international forests program manager, and Merel van der Mark Among the first announcements made at COP26 was a promise made by over 100 countries to halt and reverse global deforestation by 2030. The promise came with a nearly $20 billion commitment of public and private finance to… Read More

At the World’s Largest Corporations, Personnel is Policy

The world’s largest asset managers call the climate emergency one of the largest material risks to long-term corporate stability. Read More

California’s Paper Trail Leads to Rainforest Destruction in Sumatra – and Governor Newsom Has the Power to Change That

Consumers have the right to know where the products they buy come from and to trace them back to the source of the raw materials to ensure that they are not linked to anything dodgy, such as deforestation and human rights violations. Read More