Meet The Families

Meet The Families


Baltimore, MD

“I think that people have the right to be healthy, and I think that health should not be limited to your income or your education or your race or your gender or your geographic location. I think everyone has the right to clean, organic food.” – Tara

Atlanta, GA

“Studies like this are important because the more people and the more data that we can gather, the better chance that we can turn the ship and make the world a better place.” – Boyd

Oakland, CA

I would love to get rid of those pesticides in my body and my family’s body. It’s good to see that after changing, just after a week, you can see a dramatic drop.” – Andreina

Minneapolis, MN

“As a parent, seeing these results is shocking. If my kids have this much of a change in their numbers, what do other families have? I think the impact would be significant across all families.” – Scott