Donor Profiles: “A Legacy for Today and Tomorrow” 

Donor Profiles: “A Legacy for Today and Tomorrow” 

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When asked why he has included Friends of the Earth in his estate plans, Dr. Gregory K. Maravelas shared, “a bequest to Friends of the Earth is a gift to ourselves in the present and a gift to future generations who deserve a healthy planet.” 

Having spent his career teaching biology and nutrition at the college level, Dr. Maravelas especially appreciates the efforts Friends of the Earth has made and the victories achieved in our work to protect our public lands and all who live on them. 

“Friends of the Earth is willing to acknowledge that climate change is a fact and actively educates people about its influence on the way we conduct our lives,” he said. “I also value the work that Friends of the Earth is doing to protect pollinators, which are crucial to our food supply.”

Dr. Maravelas is as passionate about public health as he is the planet’s health. “Greedy corporations care nothing for the biological, spiritual and uplifting qualities of the unspoiled natural environment, not to mention its beauty. 

Their actions affect our wilderness areas and our human communities. Unpolluted air and unpoisoned water are essential to every living thing.” 

“Friends of the Earth is unceasing and tireless in its efforts to prevent corporate brass from turning public lands into gameboards for privatization and profiteering,” he continued. “We’ve got to oppose corporate greed as vigorously as possible because the profiteers never have enough. 

“My bequest is in recognition of this ongoing struggle. When it comes to making a legacy gift, I would encourage others not to hesitate – do it now.”