Corporate Donation Policy

Corporate Donation Policy

At the core of Friends of the Earth’s work is an unwavering commitment to protect the health of the planet, its people, and the ecosystem we all share.

In pursuit of our mission, Friends of the Earth often confronts corporations and industries whose activities damage the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the natural resources we cherish.

At the same time, we applaud the efforts of business and industries that take seriously their responsibility to the planet. We work cooperatively with innovators to develop genuinely sustainable technology that will help us preserve precious natural resources and halt global warming.

Our effectiveness depends upon the credibility of our programs and the integrity of our partnerships, including partnerships with private corporations. Our first priority is always to preserve the hard earned trust of our members and grassroots activists and to avoid activity or association that might undermine that trust.

Friends of the Earth adopts a precautionary approach when we consider whether to accept corporate gifts. A staff subcommittee certifies to the best of our research ability that every corporation providing major support to Friends of the Earth meets the following criteria:

  • Supports Friends of the Earth’s mission
  • Is not a recognized polluter or destroyer of the environment
  • Is not a repeated violator of environmental laws
  • Is not engaged in the production or sale of products which, in their manufacture, use, or disposal create serious, negative environmental impact
  • Has a positive record and position on protection of the environment

We believe that we can best serve our mission when we have a diverse funding base, which includes support from appropriate corporations. We continue to strive to achieve our mission with integrity and without unnecessary compromises.