Instructions for Apple Scavenger Hunt

Instructions for Apple Scavenger Hunt

Instructions for Apple Scavenger Hunt

Thank you for joining thousands of people across the Midwest to look for the GMO Arctic Apples! 

Next time you go shopping, look to see if there are packages Arctic Apple slices or ask a customer service representative whether the store is carrying packages of Arctic Apple slices. If so, let us know what store it is! We need to ensure that this risky, unlabeled GMO food doesn’t flood the market.

Instructions for GMO Apple Scavenger hunt:

  1. Go to your local grocery store between November 7 – December 1.
  2. Look for the yellow packages of sliced Arctic Apples. They look like the yellow package in the image below.
  3. They may be in the produce section. Or, politely ask a customer service representative if the store is selling packages of sliced Arctic Apple, and if not, whether they plan to. See below for a sample script and flyer for talking points.
  4. If they say YES, please take a picture of the package and email us ([email protected]) the name and location of the store and the photo!
  5. If they say NO, let them know that you do not want GMO apples in your store, and ask them to commit to not purchasing them! Let us know what they say ([email protected]).

Talking Points and Tips

Talking with customer service:

  • Be Polite — Thank the person for helping you.

Sample script:

“Hi, I’m looking for the new packages of sliced Arctic Apples. Is this store carrying them? Would you direct me to where I can find them?”

For more information and easy talking points, download this GMO apple handout.

Main talking points:

  • What’s the GMO apple? The GMO Arctic apple was genetically engineered to not turn brown when cut. It uses a technique which silences the enzyme that causes the apple to oxidize.
  • Is it safe? The GMO apple hasn’t undergone independent safety testing. Scientists believe that the GMO apple may require a higher use of pesticides to compensate for its compromised natural immune system.
  • Is it necessary? Polls show that 1/3 of people do not want to consume genetically engineered food, and 93% want it to be labeled.
  • Is it labeled? The packages of sliced GMO apples are not labeled on package, but will have a QR code to scan