Atlanta Film Premiere of The Great Warming Evangelical Community Joins Environmental Groups to Urge Action on Global Warming

Atlanta Film Premiere of The Great Warming Evangelical Community Joins Environmental Groups to Urge Action on Global Warming

ATLANTA – The Atlantic coastline is threatened with submersion, Alaskan Inuits are losing their land to rising seas, and more violent hurricanes are striking the Gulf states with each passing year. “The Great Warming,” that premieres at 7 pm on May 18 in Atlanta at Atlantic Station, examines evidence that human activities are provoking an unprecedented era of atmospheric warming and severe weather events.  More drought, wildfires, floods, and powerful storms are affecting millions of people around the world. 

“The Great Warming,” a movie on the science of global warming and its impacts on people around the world, is emblematic of the growing movement that pairs religious leaders with environmentalists. 

Narrated by Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morissette, filmed in eight countries on four continents, endorsed by dozens of the world’s leading scientists, “The Great Warming” is the most factually accurate, visually stunning and wide-ranging film ever produced on global warming.

”This is God’s world.  When we destroy or deplete it, we violate His will,” said Rev. Rich Cizik, Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals. Evangelical Christians, interviewed in “The Great Warming,” join scientists in calling for action on global warming. Christians are concerned because “creation care” is a religious duty.  Rev. Cizik is joined by a host committee of religious and community leaders who urge people of faith to see this film.

“The United States – which emits more greenhouse gas pollution than any other nation – has an obligation to take action on global warming. We need to immediately implement clean energy solutions to prevent catastrophic global warming,” said Dr. Brent Blackwelder, President of Friends of the Earth.


Thank you to Jim Jacoby, developer of Atlantic Station, and the Turner Foundation for making this premiere possible.

The Atlanta Premiere of The Great Warming

7- 9 pm, Thursday, May 18, 2006 at the Regal Theater, Atlantic Station


Host Committee: A. Brown-Olmstead Associates, Amanda Brown-Olmstead; All Saints Episcopal Rev. Geoffrey Hoare & Rev. Beth Royalty; Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Stacy Shelton; Beck Architecture, Fred Perpall; Friends of the Earth President Brent Blackwelder; Georgia Interfaith Power & Light Rev. Woody Bartlett; Jo Roberson Edwards & Associates, President Jo Roberson Edwards; National Association of Evangelicals Rev. Richard Cizik; National Council of Jewish Women, Atlanta Chapter, Fran Travis; Providence Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Gerald Durley; SCLC WOMEN Inc., Mrs. Evelyn Gibson Lowery – Founder/Chair; Ted Turner; The Cathedral of St. Philip, Dean Sam Candler; The Temple, Rabbi Frederick Reeves & Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin; Trustees of The Sapelo Foundation; Valerie Hartman Levy and Jeff Levy; YWCA of Greater Atlanta, Justine Boyd, CEO


This event is free – RSVPS are required and seats are limited.

Members of the press who wish to attend should RSVP by May 16, 2006 to Lisa Matthes at [email protected] or you may call 1-877-843-8687 x730


For press inquiries please contact: Lisa Grob, Friends of the Earth at 202-222-0744 or [email protected], Amanda Leesburg, Leesburg PR at 404-842-0040 or [email protected]; Brent Blackwelder, Friends of the Earth at 202-222-0727.