Statement Responding to President Bushs Major Emitters Summit

Statement Responding to President Bushs Major Emitters Summit

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WASHINGTON — Friends of the Earth-U.S. President Brent Blackwelder released the following statement in response to President Bush’s ‘major emitters’ summit on global warming being held at the State Department today and tomorrow:

“President Bush’s approach is the wrong way to fight global warming. His approach is all talk and no action — and the result is a go-it-alone strategy that isolates the U.S. on the world stage and leads to inaction while the global warming problem gets worse. Instead of getting serious about reducing U.S. emissions, he proposes a voluntary approach that will lead to global warming catastrophe. Rather than joining the rest of the world and doing all he can to support the United Nations framework, he proposes separate meetings to sidetrack the U.N. process.

“Of the nearly seven billion people who live on this planet, no one is impeding progress on global warming more than George Bush. It is time for him to pursue a new approach. On Friday, the day that he is scheduled to speak at his summit, I will meet others who care about this issue at a rally outside the State Department from which we will deliver this message to the president.”