Congress Dramatically Reduces Its Global Warming Emissions

Congress Dramatically Reduces Its Global Warming Emissions

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House administrator, following Speaker’s directive, purchases wind power for electricity, shifts to natural gas for heat, and implements numerous efficiency measures

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives, Daniel P. Beard, testified before Congress today that he has taken measures to dramatically reduce the amount of global warming pollution that Congress will produce.

“Congress has taken an important step in the fight against global warming by dramatically reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions,” said Friends of the Earth President Brent Blackwelder. “Friends of the Earth commends Speaker Pelosi and Administrator Beard for their leadership. The Democratic leadership is practicing what it preaches. It is also setting an example that other government bodies can follow, demonstrating that substantial global warming pollution reductions are attainable in a short period of time.”

The House is now reducing its emissions by ensuring that all electricity it purchases is generated by wind, by using natural gas, not coal, to meet heating and cooling needs, and by taking efficiency measures including the installation of tens of thousands of energy efficient light bulbs, consolidating computer servers, and launching a bike-sharing program. These measures are part of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Green the Capitol Initiative.

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