Friends of the Earth Does Not Support Club4Climate

Friends of the Earth Does Not Support Club4Climate

Nick Berning, 202-222-0748

Statement of Friends of the Earth-U.S.:

It has come to the attention of Friends of the Earth-U.S. that a U.K.-based firm called Club4Climate is linking to our website and implying an affiliation with our organization.

There is no such affiliation. Friends of the Earth does not support Club4Climate and has not given it permission to use its logo. We are not accepting financial contributions from Club4Climate.

Club4Climate wants people to fly to an island off the Greek coast where it claims “you can save the world drinking cocktails next to the pool.” This is misleading and something Friends of the Earth cannot endorse.

Aircraft emit large quantities of heat-trapping gases, and the idea of flying somewhere to have a party is antithetical to fighting global warming. Solving the climate crisis requires hard work and a phaseout of our use of fossil fuels, through conservation measures as well as a transition to clean forms of energy, such as wind and solar power. Club4Climate cannot “save the world” with a party and should not claim it can do so.



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