Public Transportation Can Address Gas Prices and Warming

Public Transportation Can Address Gas Prices and Warming

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—Friends of the Earth transportation policy coordinator Colin Peppard had the following statement today about public transportation’s potential to protect Americans from high gas prices:

“During last week’s debate on the Lieberman-Warner bill, many senators questioned how global warming legislation would impact gas prices. However, we can protect American families from rising fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gases at the same time by providing Americans with alternatives to their cars, so they have to fill up less often.

“The typical public transportation rider consumes less than half as much gasoline as a person with no access to transit. As a result, those who ride public transportation save an estimated 1.4 billion gallons of fuel each year, representing a total annual cost savings of $5.6 billion for American families.

“However, less than five percent of Americans live in communities with convenient and reliable access (within one-half mile) to public transportation or other alternatives to driving a car. The Lieberman-Warner bill contained significant provisions to provide American families with new and better access to transit and other transportation alternatives such as walking and cycling.

“As Congress writes and debates future legislation to address climate change, it should make a strong commitment to public transportation, other transportation alternatives, and communities that provide these options.”

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