First Lady Plans Organic Vegetable Garden at White House

First Lady Plans Organic Vegetable Garden at White House


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Michelle Obama lauded for plans to use garden to teach children about healthy, locally grown fruit and vegetables

WASHINGTON, D.C.First Lady Michelle Obama has announced plans to plant an organic vegetable garden on the White House grounds, and to use the garden to educate children about the importance of healthy, environmentally friendly food.

Friends of the Earth President Brent Blackwelder had the following response:

We congratulate the First Lady on her decision to plant an organic vegetable garden and hope millions of Americans are inspired to follow her example. Her leadership on food is most timely as our nation has recently experienced serious food contamination incidents with domestic peanut butter from Georgia and imported pet food from China, so it is about time to exercise the proverbial ounce of prevention. Fruits and vegetables are delicious and healthy, which is important since diet-related diseases cause Americans over $200 billion a year in health care costs. Fruits and vegetables are also good for the climate because growing them leads to fewer greenhouse gas emissions than raising livestock for meat.

Friends of the Earths Chris Weiss, who directs the D.C. Environmental Network said:

Our nations capital has a proud tradition of farmers markets and locally grown foods. Eating locally grown, organic food is important for human health as well as the health of the planet. It means fewer toxic pesticides in our bodies and the environment, and fewer heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere (since locally grown food doesnt need to be transported as far). Because of this, were pleased that the First Lady plans to use the garden not only as a source of food for her family, but also to teach others in our community about the benefits of healthy, locally grown food. We appreciate her leadership.


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