Independent Panel Confirms EPAs Biofuels Pollution Models Are Valid

Independent Panel Confirms EPAs Biofuels Pollution Models Are Valid

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The Environmental Protection Agency released today an independent group of scientists’ peer review analysis of the EPA’s proposed method of measuring greenhouse gas emission from biofuels. The peer reviewers are among the best and brightest scientists on issues pertaining to life-cycle accounting of greenhouse gas emissions from land use changes. The EPA was attacked this spring by Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.), a close ally of the biofuels industry, who attempted to call into question the EPA’s analysis. Kate McMahon of Friends of the Earth had the following reaction:

“The peer review analysis released today confirms that the EPA’s methodology is complete, reliable and scientifically valid. The independent reviewers agree that biofuels cause land use changes that result in greenhouse gas emissions. We look forward to EPA incorporating these comments in its rule-making process. It is time for the dirty corn ethanol industry and its congressional cronies to face reality: biofuels are destabilizing our climate. As energy legislation advances in the Senate, the debate about how to account for pollution from biofuels must be informed by the expert analysis released today. Senators need to heed the advice of these independent experts, not biased, self-interested industry lobbyists. Senators must not attempt to undermine existing protections against greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels.”


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