Friends of the Earth Statement on EPAs Response to Ethanol Blend Waiver Request

Friends of the Earth Statement on EPAs Response to Ethanol Blend Waiver Request


Nick Berning, 202-222-0748
Kate McMahon, 202-222-0715

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Environmental Protection Agency responded to the biofuels lobby’s request to increase the limit on the amount of ethanol that can be blended into a gallon of fuel. Friends of the Earth Energy Policy Campaigner Kate McMahon had the following response:

“We are pleased that the EPA has stood up to corporate special interests and decided to follow the science before deciding whether to increase blend limits on ethanol in gasoline. The EPA is on the right track in conducting further testing on engine compatibility and air pollution, but it should also consider the environmental degradation and higher food costs that increased production of biofuels would cause.

“Opening the door to increased use of dirty biofuels would lead to greater greenhouse gas pollution from deforestation, degradation of soil and water, and increased competition over land for food production. As the EPA moves forward, it should act in the public’s interest and take into account how dirty biofuels exacerbate global warming and global hunger.

“Separately, we are concerned that the EPA seems to be advocating a bifurcated fueling system, in which consumers would choose between different ethanol blends at the pump. This approach would undoubtedly cause widespread confusion and misfueling.”


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