Sen. Murkowski Poised to Bring Clean Air Act Rollback Measure to a Vote

Sen. Murkowski Poised to Bring Clean Air Act Rollback Measure to a Vote

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Sen. Murkowski, Pawn of Special Interests, Poised to Bring Clean Air Act Rollback Measure to a Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has indicated that she could bring a measure to roll back the Clean Air Act to the Senate floor this week. Sen. Murkowski’s measure, called a “disapproval resolution,” would effectively destroy the Clean Air Act as a tool to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate disruption.

Friends of the Earth’s president, Erich Pica, had the following statement:

“Sen. Murkowski’s underhanded resolution is a dangerous measure written for polluting corporations by their lobbyists. It would eviscerate the most-effective existing tool at the federal level to cut carbon emissions.

“A cardinal rule of solving problems is building on what works. The Clean Air Act has a 40-year track record of saving lives and money. The Obama administration has already finalized sensible Clean Air Act standards that will start reducing climate-disrupting emissions from our country’s biggest industrial polluters next year. It would be inexcusable to let greedy corporations veto this progress. But that’s exactly what Sen. Murkowski is trying to do.

“Last week’s election results show that people from Pennsylvania to Arkansas are sick of the corporate-run status quo in Washington. Senators who endorse Sen. Murkowski’s Dirty Air Act are throwing their lot in with corporate polluters and selling out their constituents’ health.”


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