Rich Countries Must Reject Any Secret Text That Puts In Place Process That Could Kill Kyoto

Rich Countries Must Reject Any Secret Text That Puts In Place Process That Could Kill Kyoto

December 3, 2010

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Friends of the Earth International


CANCUN, MEXICO, 3 December 2010 –  A new, secret text from the Mexican presidency, which would effectively begin replacing the Kyoto Protocol with the Copenhagen Accord, might be on the table this weekend at the climate talks in Cancun. Ministerial level officials are said to arrive early, before the start of the High-Level Segment next week, and may be presented with it this weekend. Friends of the Earth International is concerned by this rumor and urges countries not to accept any such proposals should they be put forward.

Entrenching the Copenhagen Accord could lead to as much as 5 degrees warming, according to research released by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on November 23.

Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends of the Earth International and director of Friends of the Earth Nigeria said: “Replacing the Kyoto Protocol with a system that is pledge-based would sideline 20 years of multilateral negotiation and devastate the climate and the world’s people. It would be unjust and unacceptable.”

Kate Horner, Friends of the Earth U.S. said: “Displacing the legitimate negotiation process under the auspices of the UN would mean that developing countries would pay the price. The Mexican Presidency must not cater to the U.S., and delegates here in Cancun should not let the U.S.
get its way.

Domingo Lechon, Friends of the Earth Mexico said: “Our concerns on a non-transparent process are becoming reality and it seems that the Mexican government will become responsible for killing the Kyoto Protocol. This is not what the Mexicans want, and it is not what the world wants. We need real solutions. Mexico must not follow Denmark’s bad example and avoid by all means an exclusive, un-transparent and undemocratic process that leads to lock-in of dangerous climate change, of which we will all suffer.”

Susann Scherbarth, Friends of the Earth Europe said: “Rich countries that are most responsible for climate change must fulfill their historical responsibility, and that means they must take on science-based and legally binding emissions obligations. The best way to ensure this happens is to continue the Kyoto Protocol. Europe has a crucial role to play in these negotiations. It must take its role seriously. This is no time for the EU to wait and hide. We call on the EU to stay strong and agree to the next Kyoto Protocol phase.”


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