With Shutdown Looming, Obama Urged to Stand Firm

With Shutdown Looming, Obama Urged to Stand Firm

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Obama Must Stand Firm Against Further Draconian Cuts

Billions in polluter giveaways remain untapped

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As news reports indicate that a government shutdown is increasingly likely, Friends of the Earth’s president, Erich Pica, called on President Obama to stand firm and reject further cuts:

“President Obama and senators must stand firm in the face of House Republicans’ shameful intransigence. As long as real budget solutions like eliminating tens of billions in giveaways to polluters remain untapped, it’s clear that we face a crisis not of finances but of values.

“American families will suffer enough from the piecemeal budget cuts that have been forced through already. It’s unconscionable for House Republicans to insist that our government cannot afford to feed hungry children or keep air and water clean when oil giants like BP reap billions in giveaways and super-rich corporations like General Electric pay no taxes. Last month, when they voted to protect billions in giveaways to oil giants, House Republicans made it clear that they care more about padding the profits of polluting corporations than cutting the deficit.

“President Obama must hold the line and defend vital public necessities like education, healthcare, jobs, and a clean environment against more extreme and unfair attacks.” 


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