Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives early Christmas gift to industrty

Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives early Christmas gift to industrty

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today the Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted to approve the final rule for the Westinghouse AP1000 design. The Commission voted to approve the design despite the fact that Dr. John Ma, one of Commission’s longest-serving staff, warned that the reactor’s containment, a structure which serves as protection in the event of an emergency, could shatter “like a glass cup” as a result of design flaws.

Friends of the Earth’s President Erich Pica released the following statement in response:

“In the wake of the ever-expanding nuclear disaster at Fukushima and the earthquake that shuttered the North Anna reactor in Virginia, it seems incredible that the NRC had enough safety information to approve the AP 1000 reactor design. This is nothing short of a Christmas gift to the beleaguered nuclear power industry, and a lump of radioactive waste for everyone concerned about the safety and efficacy of this reactor design.”

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