New study shows dangers of E15 for engines

New study shows dangers of E15 for engines

Study is latest proof that EPA’s rushed approval process of the ethanol blend endangers public safety and health

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today the Coordinating Research Council released a study demonstrating the negative effects that blends of 15 and 20 percent ethanol in gasoline, E15 and E20, would have on the current vehicle fleet. Out of eight engines approved by the EPA to use E15, two failed with mechanical damage when operated with the ethanol blend.

The Coordinating Research Council is a non-profit research organization supported by the American Petroleum Institute and a group of automobile manufacturers.

Friends of the Earth’s biofuels policy campaigner, Michal Rosenoer, issued the following statement in response:

“This study clearly shows that the EPA rushed the approval process for E15. The introduction of E15 at the pumps could result in a lot of stranded consumers with big repair bills. Tests show using E15 as directed will leave consumers stuck on the side of the highway, and because major engine manufacturers have already stated that using E15 will void warranties, they’ll also be stuck paying for dead engines.

“Just as the EPA did not take the steps necessary to ensure E15 is safe for consumers, it also failed to conduct the research necessary to protect public health and the environment. Ethanol-blended gasoline releases more toxic air pollution than regular gasoline, including nitrous oxide and formaldehyde. Because ethanol is more corrosive than gas, storing E15 in underground storage tanks could lead to widespread fuel leaks and drinking water contamination.

“The EPA should revoke its registration of E15 until it is positive that the fuel is safe for consumers and the environment.”

Download a pdf copy of the study released today.

Read more about the dangers of increased ethanol in gasoline for consumers and the environment.

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