Friends of the Earth receives more than $70,000 from CREDO

Friends of the Earth receives more than $70,000 from CREDO

SAN FRANCISCO – CREDO, the progressive phone and credit card company and a frequent outreach partner with Friends of the Earth, announced today that it is donating $73,993 to Friends of the Earth for its work to fight the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. CREDO has donated more than $76 million to organizations committed to social change since the company was founded in 1985.

Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica had this to say regarding the donation: “CREDO Mobile has been a great partner with Friends of the Earth to advocate for solutions to climate change and defend the Clean Air Act. We are grateful for their support and to have them as a progressive ally in the fight for a more healthy and just world.”

Friends of the Earth was nominated by CREDO customers and chosen among hundreds of nonprofits to be featured as one of three progressive groups eligible in January to receive funding for its work on the Keystone XL pipeline, namely exposing the conflicts of interest in the project’s environmental review process.

CREDO customers then helped decide how much money each nonprofit received by simply voting online or via phone or text. More information about CREDO’s donations program can be found here.

In 2013, CREDO donated $2,638,084 to groups that worked to stop the acceleration of climate change, protect women’s rights and civil liberties, among many other progressive causes. Some of the groups CREDO funded in 2013 include, Color of Change, Social Security Works and Human Rights Watch.


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