Supreme Court further empowers corporations, undermines democracy

Supreme Court further empowers corporations, undermines democracy

Washington, D.C. – Today the Supreme Court, in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood v. Burwell struck down the requirement that family-owned corporations pay insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act if they oppose it for religious reasons. This decision opens the door for other corporations to challenge other laws on the grounds of religious freedom.

Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica, issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court rules:

Today the Supreme Court has weakened our democracy by allowing special interests to define the rights of millions of Americans, particularly the right of women to access health care. By granting corporations religious rights, the Roberts Court has deepened the twisted logic of Citizens United — that corporations have rights like natural persons. Corporations should not be allowed to selectively obey laws based on supposed religious beliefs. When the government expands the rights of corporations, while eroding the rights of actual people, it undermines our democracy and impairs our ability to effectively address issues of grave public concern, including environmental protection and public health.


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