Hiding in the CRomnibus: A shameful mix of coal, animal manure and dark money

Hiding in the CRomnibus: A shameful mix of coal, animal manure and dark money

WASHINGTON, D.C—After weeks of wrangling, Congress is struggling to pass an omnibus spending bill filled with numerous provisions that would roll-back crucial environmental safeguards. Such provisions scattered throughout the 1,603 page document are an affront to our environment and democracy.

“The CRomnibus is an end of the year bonus for polluters,” said Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica. “Nestled in this monstrosity are covert attacks against our air, water and democracy.” 

“One of the Obama administration’s biggest climate policy achievements is in danger,” said Pica, referring to strict limits on U.S. financing of foreign coal projects through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the Export-Import Bank. 

Other riders would block the government from implementing common sense rules requiring reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from factory farms and protecting endangered species like the western sage grouse.

“This bill would keep everyone in the dark about the massive greenhouse gas emissions generated by factory farms” said Lisa Archer, food and technology program director. “No other industry gets this kind of specialized treatment. With over a third of U.S. methane emissions coming from animal agriculture, we must strengthen, not weaken efforts to provide oversight of this highly polluting industry.”

In a surprise giveaway to the super-rich, the CRomnibus also raises the maximum contribution limit from individuals to political parties.

“This is a twist of the Citizens United knife into the heart of our democracy, and yet great news for big money polluters,” said Pica “I guarantee that the climate doesn’t care who controls Congress. But must-pass bills are no place for covert attacks against the environment and the democratic process.”

Letter to Members of Congress urging them to oppose the legislation.

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