Presidents budget focuses on climate

Presidents budget focuses on climate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama’s $4 trillion FY2016 budget proposal aims to improve infrastructure and quality of life for the American middle class. The president’s budget would also increase taxation on businesses and the wealthy, end sequestration and make investments in renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica issued the following response:

Budgets are the truest reflection of government priorities and with today’s budget President Obama makes clear that dealing with our pending climate crisis is a priority for his administration. The president has already taken significant steps to deal with climate change, and by proposing $4 billion to help states go beyond his Clean Power Plan, he acknowledges that much more is needed.  

Indeed, we must address the coming climate catastrophes and shore up our resilience. That means taking bold actions to move our country toward a future fueled by 100 percent renewable energy.

In that future, we must ensure that everyone pays their fair share. Unfortunately, the president’s budget undermines equity by providing massive tax breaks to companies hiding billions of dollars offshore, to fund infrastructure. He should have proposed an increase in the gas tax.

The president’s budget supports many important priorities, including a $500 million request for the Green Climate Fund to provide critically-needed capital that helps poor countries deal with climate disruption. However, if we are to deal with society’s big climate problems, and larger equity issues, the president must articulate an even bolder vision and demand from Congress the resources to realize it.


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