House committee releases outdated Energy Package

House committee releases outdated Energy Package

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Energy and Commerce Committee released a print yesterday that attempts to change some energy policies. Known by supporters as the Architecture of Abundance, this bill includes four overarching topics: infrastructure, energy and manufacturing jobs, energy security and energy efficiency.

Friends of the Earth Climate and Energy Campaigner Kate DeAngelis offers the following statement in response:

This bill should be called the Architecture for Abundant Carbon because it employs the archaic and dangerous notion that we need fossil fuels to run our economy. Rather than harnessing the country’s abundance of sunlight and wind, this bill further entrenches existing preferences for harmful fossil fuel infrastructure. The House energy bill will not only hinder our transition to a future based on clean renewables, but will also help fossil fuel companies build more climate altering projects.


Expert contact: Kate DeAngelis, (202) 222-0747, [email protected]
Communications contact: Kate Colwell, (202) 222-0744, [email protected]

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