Senate Democrats put forward Energy Package

Senate Democrats put forward Energy Package

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today a group of Senate Democrats put forward an energy bill. The bill follows a proposal that came out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in July. Specific provisions include:

  • Ending some subsidies for fossil fuels and closing some oil and gas tax loopholes;
  • Incentivizing clean energy such as solar and wind through grant programs and tax incentives; and
  • Encouraging carbon capture and sequestration, nuclear and biofuels.

Friends of the Earth Climate and Energy Director, Ben Schreiber, offers the following statement in response:

Congress must put forward a vision for how we can transition to a clean energy economy. Our country must lead the world in the fight against climate change.

Unfortunately, the time has passed for half-measures. Extending subsidies for renewables and ending Big Oil giveaways are important steps, but we cannot afford to throw our tax dollars after false solutions.  


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