For Mainers: A government of, by and for the people

For Mainers: A government of, by and for the people

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today is election day around the United States, one day each year in which citizen voices can be heard en masse. For the citizens of Maine, Question #1 presents an opportunity to reforming the election system. Moreover, they have the opportunity to advance transparency, accountability and keeping the people – not just big corporations and their lobbyists – in charge of  elections.

Friends of the Earth Senior Democracy Campaigner Jonathan Fox issued the following statement in response:

Friends of the Earth has been working on the ground in Maine with Every Voice and Mainers for Accountable Elections, in support of the Yes on Question #1 campaign. This grassroots, bipartisan, citizen-driven campaign will give Mainers a government of, by and for the people. A yes vote for Question #1 will limit the influence of special interest money that’s currently fueling our elections.

We are working to reclaim our democracy, and put our government back in the hands of Mainers by voting Yes on Question #1 and remind politicians to focus on the issues that matter most like education and job creation.

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Expert contact: Jon Fox, (510) 542-9474, [email protected]
Communications contact: EA Dyson, (202) 222-0730, [email protected]

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