KXL: State Department rejects TransCanadas permit delay

KXL: State Department rejects TransCanadas permit delay

WASHINGTON, D.C.: It has been reported that the State Department rejected Canadian oil company TransCanada’s request that the review of its  permit application for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline be suspended. That means that a final decision about whether Keystone XL is in the national interest could come at any time.

Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica had the following reaction:

TransCanada asked President Obama to punt the decision on Keystone XL to his successor. This was a blatant admission by the company that the Keystone XL pipeline cannot pass President Obama’s climate test.  TransCanada and its allies in the American Petroleum Institute clearly think their best bet is to use their money to influence the American elections.

I applaud the Obama Administration for rejecting TransCanada’s move. Now President Obama should protect the climate and the people along the route by killing this project once and for all.

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