Friends of the Earth & local activists attempt last ditch rescue of President Obamas sinking climate legacy

Friends of the Earth & local activists attempt last ditch rescue of President Obamas sinking climate legacy

Protest presidential failure to secure fair and sound climate deal in Paris

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Friends of the Earth and other local climate activists rallied in front of the White House Saturday to demonstrate their disappointment with President Obama’s lack of climate leadership. They decried the President’s unwillingness to negotiate a climate agreement in Paris based on criteria of science and justice, which they see as the U.S.’ eschewing its historic responsibility.

In response to the Paris climate talks, the activists initiated a “People’s Climate Rescue.” With an inflatable raft, lifejackets, and life preservers, they stepped in to rescue the planet from President Obama’s failing leadership on climate. Bagpipers played a dirge for President Obama’s sinking climate legacy. But all hope was not lost. Activists offered the President a lifeline, and read off a list of actions he should take to leave behind a legacy that provides for dignified lives for future generations.

Friends of the Earth Climate and Energy Campaigner Luisa Abbott Galvão issued the following statement on the action:

Climate leadership must not be judged against the inaction of the past or the political dysfunction of Washington at present, but against the dictates of science and principles of justice. By these measures, President Obama’s climate legacy is a failing one.

By refusing to commit, the U.S. – the world’s largest historical polluter – to its fair share of climate action, President Obama is in effect condemning the developing world to climate chaos and poverty. As Friends of the Earth Africa has said, with the Paris deal “Africa is set to burn.” The United State must change course and turn the ship around immediately. For a livable planet, there is no other choice but for President Obama to do what climate and justice demand.


Expert contact: Luisa Abbott Galvão, (202) 222-0716, [email protected]
Communications contact: EA Dyson, (202) 222-0730, [email protected]

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