Sen. Carper pushes Big Oil giveaway in omnibus

Sen. Carper pushes Big Oil giveaway in omnibus

WASHINGTON, D.C. Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) is reportedly advocating for an excise tax credit for refiners as part of ongoing omnibus negotiations. The justification is to offset potential industry losses if the crude oil export ban is repealed.  

Friends of the Earth Climate and Energy Campaigner Lukas Ross issued the following statement is response:

This is a comedy of the absurd. The American Petroleum Industry’s top priority is to repeal the oil export ban. Yet Senator Carper wants to layer on yet another handout if they get their wish.  Where does it end?

Big Oil is already awash in billions worth of subsidies every year and Senator Carper wants to send them even more. Instead of pushing for extra goodies for his refining industry pals, Senator Carper should oppose any climate-denying deal that would lift the crude oil export ban.


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