Can organic feed the world?

Can organic feed the world?

A webinar hosted by Friends of the Earth


Two commonly held beliefs about world hunger are that we will need to vastly increase food production to feed a growing population and that organic agriculture is not up to the task.

Join us to hear from top scientists and thought leaders on the science of sustainable food production and a comprehensive approach to creating a healthy, resilient food system to feed all people, now and into the future.

Be among the first to learn about a new Friends of the Earth report, Farming for the Future: Organic and Agroecological Solutions to Feed the World.


  • Frances Moore Lappe, Cofounder & Director, Small Planet Institute, Author, World Hunger: 10 Myths
  • John Reganold, PhD, Professor of Soil Science and Agroecology, Washington State University
  • Lauren Ponisio, PhD, UC Berkeley
  • Marcia Ishii-Eitman, PhD, Senior Scientist, Pesticide Action Network
  • Kendra Klein, PhD, Staff Scientist, Friends of the Earth


Contact: Kate Colwell, Friends of the Earth, (202) 222-0744, [email protected]
RSVP: Eventbrite page. Call-in details to come.

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