Friends of the Earth applauds Rep. Thompson on TPP

Friends of the Earth applauds Rep. Thompson on TPP

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Thompson, who represents California’s fifth congressional district, today declared that he will oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

The TPP investment chapter would allow firms to sue governments for billions in money damages if climate, environmental or public health regulations interfere with expected future profits. This provision is similar to one in the North American Free Trade Agreement that has allowed TransCanada to sue the United States for $15 billion in compensation for the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.The TPP would also stymie California’s effective regulation of chemicals associated with breast cancer, autism and infertility, as well as national and local food safety regulations and labeling requirements for food and other products.

Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth, had this to say about Representative Thompson’s announcement:

Friends of the Earth applauds Congressman Mike Thompson of California for opposing the environmentally-destructive Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Representative Thompson is standing up for the people of his district and growing national movement in the United States aimed at opposing the TPP, which promises to roll back public health, food safety and climate protections as well as sacrifice the economic security of working families. Mike Thompson has once again demonstrated that he is a courageous and thoughtful legislator.


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