Senate Should Take a Stand On Perdue

Senate Should Take a Stand On Perdue

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday, April 24, the United States Senate will vote on Governor Sonny Perdue’s confirmation as Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. Perdue sailed through an easy confirmation hearing last month, despite his troubling history of ethics violations as Georgia’s governor and his ties to major agribusinesses.

Friends of the Earth Food Futures Campaigner Tiffany Finck-Haynes issued the following statement leading up to Monday’s vote:

As Governor, Sonny Perdue repeatedly put corporate profits over protecting farmers, workers and consumers. His long-standing ties to major agribusiness and chemical companies have made him out of touch with American values. The Senate should reject his nomination and tell Trump to try again.

During his initial hearing in front of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow did not ask him a single question about his many ethics violations, his conflicts of interest, or his history of denying climate change. It makes no sense for any Senator to claim to be part of the Trump resistance and then hand the USDA over to a corporate crony like Sonny Perdue.

The USDA needs a champion who will support small family farmers, food safety standards, and healthier food — not another shill for big agribusiness. Sonny Perdue’s history and personal ties make it clear he is not the right choice for the job and we urge Senators to stand up to Trump’s agenda and vote against his confirmation.


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