Trump Cabinet to undermine international climate action

Trump Cabinet to undermine international climate action

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump’s advisors and cabinet officials will convene a meeting tomorrow to consider the United States’ commitment to the Paris Agreement, according to reports. The two choices under consideration are weakening our already inadequate commitment under the Agreement or pulling out of the pact altogether.

Ahead of the meeting, Energy Secretary Rick Perry lobbied for Trump to stay within the Agreement but to renegotiate the terms, while EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt lobbied for Trump to remove the U.S. from the Agreement.

Friends of the Earth Senior Political Director Ben Schreiber issued the following statement ahead of the meeting:

Donald Trump has put fossil fuel interests in charge of the United States government and tomorrow, emissaries of the fossil fuel industry will debate how to undermine international climate action. Make no mistake, a choice between weakening U.S. commitments to climate action or withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will leave only one winner: fossil fuel companies. The losers are going to be the American people, who are already starting to experience the impacts of climate change.

This meeting sends a clear signal to the world: Trump is a climate pariah. The climate marches across the country this Saturday will serve as another reminder that the American people reject Trump’s extreme agenda. World leaders should use every political and economic means available to compel Trump to act in accordance with what climate science and justice demand.


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