BLM Methane Vote defeat for Trump in his war on Public Lands

BLM Methane Vote defeat for Trump in his war on Public Lands

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Senate today rejected Big Oil’s efforts to repeal the Obama-era Bureau of Land Management rule regulating methane emissions from oil and gas developments on public lands.

Lukas Ross, Friends of the Earth’s Climate and Energy Campaigner, issued the following statement following the vote:

Today’s victory against Trump’s plan to hand our public lands to Big Oil is a win for the American people. Reducing venting and flaring from oil wells will reduce emissions contributing to climate change and save public resources. Today the Senate proved it will not always rob taxpayers to line Big Oil’s pockets.    

While we have beaten back this attack on the BLM methane rule, we know that Trump and his Big Oil cronies are eyeing other avenues.  An earlier Executive Order already instructs Secretary Zinke to examine how to give Big Oil an ever bigger share of our public lands. We will continue to fight against any efforts to endanger the future of our lands and our climate.  


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