Groups challenge DOE on grid study

Groups challenge DOE on grid study

Political attack against renewables to ignore billions in polluter welfare

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today six groups sent a letter to Secretary of Energy Rick Perry challenging the biased premise of a recently announced study of grid reliability. Theoretically an investigation into the retirement of baseload power plants, the proposed study is better understood as a political line of attack against renewable energy—including against the modest incentives for wind and solar.

The letter urges the Department of Energy to consider the century-long subsidization of fossil fuels and other polluting industries, instead of developing arguments against clean, renewable energy.

“From our tax code to our public lands, the fossil fuel industry remains one of the most heavily subsidized segments of our economy,” said Lukas Ross, Climate and Energy Campaigner at Friends of the Earth. “If Secretary Perry pretends otherwise then this study is just his latest adventure in climate denial.”

“Rick Perry’s biased order to review electricity markets reveals he can only see what’s behind us, not what’s clearly up ahead. In a climate constrained world, fossil fuels are simple not viable with renewable power and energy efficiency – even with $21 billion in government subsidies each year. Perry’s nostalgia for the days when coal ruled the national grid is clouding his vision of where technology, markets, and consumers are moving,” said Janet Redman, U.S. Policy Director at Oil Change International.

“Secretary Perry’s energy agenda is a reflection of the oil, gas and coal climate killers who have funded the Trump campaign from day one,” said Bill Snape, Senior Counsel with the Center for Biological Diversity.  “Federal funds ought to go to activities that protect Americans and our planet, not threaten them with catastrophe.” 

“Secretary Perry made a not-so-veiled threat to Renewable Portfolio Standards, which are State policies expanding renewable energy, in comments at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference last month, making clear his intent to use this politicized ‘report’ to undermine policy support for clean energy at all levels of government,” said Basav Sen, Climate Policy Project Director at the Institute for Policy Studies. “State governments need to tell him in no uncertain terms that his efforts to thwart their progress will kill jobs, hurt the environment, and is a completely unacceptable Federal power grab.”


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