Trump Voter Suppression EO Silences Americans

Trump Voter Suppression EO Silences Americans Seeking Environmental Change

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump signed an Executive Order today creating a commission tasked with investigating the president’s unfounded claims of voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election.

Jon Fox, Friends of the Earth’s Senior Democracy Campaigner, issued the following statement in response:

Donald Trump has a long history of lying to the American public to further his political interests. Every eligible American—Republican, Democrat or Independent—has a constitutional right to have their voice heard in our elections. By signing this order, Trump is using his office to silence voters and is ignoring Americans demanding action to address climate change, protect our drinking water, and ensure the food our children eat is safe.

Voter suppression efforts silence Americans’ concern for the environment, while empowering big money polluters. Given the Trump administration’s history of ignoring facts that contradict their political agenda, this “inquiry” will be nothing more than a shameful pretext to justify the silencing of everyday Americans at the ballot box.

Expert contact: Jon Fox, (510) 900-0016, [email protected]
Communications contact: Patrick Davis, (202) 222-0744, [email protected]

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