Trumps nuclear revival makes no economic sense

Trumps nuclear revival makes no economic sense

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a speech today at the Department of Energy, Donald Trump called for a comprehensive review of U.S. nuclear regulations.

In March, Westinghouse Electric Company filed for bankruptcy after suffering major financial losses at the AP1000 power plants it’s building in Georgia and South Carolina.

Following today’s speech, Damon Moglen, Friends of the Earth’s Senior Strategic Advisor, issued the following statement:

The nuclear industry’s promises of revival have proven nothing less than an extremely expensive fool’s errand. We now live in a world where safe, clean and abundant renewable energy is cheaper than any nuclear power plant, new or old.

Renewable energy is booming, while the nuclear industry is dying under the weight of debt, accidents and the threats posted by proliferation and terrorism. By calling for more nuclear energy, Trump must be reliving his affection for bankruptcy and poor investment opportunity. The future is about renewable energy.

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